Thursday, January 15, 2015

Switching Up My Routine

First off I have to say that I have been really proud of myself this week. It has taken me awhile to say that because of the chaos that revolves around my life at times, but this week I am have been really sticking with a plan.

My work outs have been really good. Simple, small BUT oh my god very effective. I don't know how many calories I am burning or anything like that, but I am sweating and sore. Which I take that as a win and success above all.

On Sunday, like I mentioned I got a great 5 mile run in, which was my cardio for the day. Since Monday I have been doing some other cardio and strength training I got from an article in FitnessRx magazine...

Which by the way is a great magazine!! A little bit different and out of my comfort zone, my magazines are normally Runner's World, Women's Running, Self and WW. So I picked this up because I love the cover model Jamie Eason. She is a genius with awesome cooking segments and all around pretty fantastic fitness model. In the magazine she has a 14 day Jump Start workout and diet plan.

I have been following most of the diet plan, not everything to a "T" but have taken tons of pointers and I have been following the workout plan.

It is broken up into Strength 1, Cardio and Strength 2, each is a circuit of about 5 workouts, 8 reps each, 3 rounds. Each day you do a different circuit.

So for instance this week was
Monday- Strength Circuit 1
Tuesday-Cardio Circuit
Wednesday- S2 Circuit
Saturday- Cardio
Sunday- Off

So since I did my Cardio this past Sunday with the 5 mile run, I am using today as the off day. Mainly because I woke up sore, a little bit sleepy, way to cozy in bed and I have inventory at my job all day long. So I switched it up a bit. But this workout this week has been such a challenge and reward for me. This is totally out of my comfort zone.

I am using the stability ball, dumbbell presses, free weights, doing burpees, jump lunges, V-ups and crunches. Which by the way, my core NEEDS WORK. Holy hell!! I was almost in tears because I couldn't do a crunch!

Let's be honest here...I can run, we know that BUT everything else, I have no clue. I only know running. So this free weights and all other stuff is so new to me. And half the time, I have no clue what I am doing. I am trying to match the pictures and do my best. BUT I AM DOING IT!

I am feeling the results too because my Abs, core, whole area, has been on fire. I mean it hurts to turn over sometimes. I also have to remember when I first started running, I didn't like it. I felt stupid, I walked a bunch, I was so self conscience of how I looked, but I kept up with it because I loved the results and it sort of changed my life.

Sure these seem like simple exercises to a lot of people, but to me they are big deals. Just like 3 miles seemed like forever, but then I made it to a marathon.

I am really proud of myself this week for getting on my strength and cardio circuits. I am going to keep doing these circuits for a full month, they after the month I will target some key areas, branch out and try something new. My body needs this shock for sure, it is not used to it at all, which is nice and hopeful get me over this plateu.

My running will be 2-3 days a week. With each week a longish run of more than 5 miles and then in between just some fun mileage. I am really happy with this change and maybe it could be the endorphins pumping through me :0)

Oh and I have been awesome with my points lately, staying between 26-29, woot woot!!