Friday, January 23, 2015

Celebrating Small Victories

Happy Friday!!!!

While I have to work this weekend, I do have Sunday off, I am totally okay with it, after the awesome days off I just had. Plus, I have a lot planned for my day off on Sunday, such as housework, running, reading and laundry and I am so okay with that because I truly have had a great couple of days.

Today, was a rest day for me, one because I am sore from my awesome work out yesterday and my skin is still on fire from the sun burn. But I am not just laying around, I have our dinner tonight already done. See, James and I both close tonight, so we don't get home from work until 930. I know, crazy to eat that late at night, but it's what we have to do and our bodies are both used to it.

Now, normally we would order Chipotle or something else, quick and easy. Chipotle isn't bad at all, especially how I order mine, but buying food can add up and considering we had two dates in a row, we need to scale back a bit.

Now, here is where my good friend Nanci, posted the other day about celebrating small victories and I was inspired. I think celebrating the small stuff, adds up to the big stuff and me prepping dinner for tonight is small BUT it is big for us, especially on a weekend.

I decided to make our dinner now before I have to go to work, so all we have to do is make our salad and eat up our dinner.

I made mini meat loves, with macaroni and cheese and a steamed veggie. We will pair it with a salad, we can throw together last minute. The meat loves are in muffin cups and it took less than 15 minutes to put together. I will post the recipe tomorrow, I promise. And well the macaroni and cheese is from the box, but hey moderation AND I measured out my serving size.

AND, I had another small victory. Last night at Happy Hour, I ordered only 2 drinks and just munched on 3 pieces of the little pizza we got, it was a true mini size. I didn't order anything else and even though we were eating early, usually I would get home and eat something later on. BUT I kept myself busy, I drank my water, didn't have anything else and had a small bowl of strawberries for dessert!!!

Two small victories back to back. Celebrate those little moments, those little changes and take pride in it. YOU DESERVE TO CELEBRATE THOSE LITTLE MOMENTS!!

And make sure to take a look at Nanci's post on celebrating small victories. She had some really great ones, that I will be using too for the upcoming week!

Have a great weekend!