Saturday, January 31, 2015

Got My Ish Together!!!

Wow I can honestly say that this week has been a really good week.

I joined in on an accountability, Get Your 'Ish Together Facebook group with Nanci and Caitlyn and it was the best group I have ever been apart of. We had challenges, such as water intake, which was hard but fun all at the same time. Each day, Monday-Friday we had ounces were were to drink, one of which was drink your weight. The water intake part for me was very eye opening. I thought for sure, I drank a lot of water, but I really didn't. While I wont be drinking my weight in water every day, I am really shoot for that 100-120 ounces of water a day.

I felt great. We also took part in receiving points for a prize at the end. Our points were given from posting a video, updating throughout the day, food pics and selfies. It was so great to interact with other ladies throughout the day, see what everyone was eating, etc. Sounds like my Instagram feed, but this was just such more personal. We weren't eating carrots and lettuce every day but real food and we vented about our day, or troubles we encounter. I, seriously wish the group could go on forever. I set a small goal for the week to get my water intake in, which I did and work out either in the gym or running 3-4 days of the challenge.

I actually ran 3 days this week. 3 days!!! I know small potatoes from what I had done before, but it has been a really long time since I have gotten some runs in fully in a week. I ran Monday 3 miles, Wednesday 4, and yesterday, before work, hello BIG WIN, 1.56 miles. Not much for the week, but what a difference it made for me!!

I really have been struggling since the marathon to get my groove back per say. Not just running, but in eating and life in general. It has been such an adjustment to go from being so involved in something for 6 months, I am fully dedicated and devoted to no longer having anything. I don't have any big races or anything going on this year. I have some half's I want to do and I want to run a sub 5k, but no forth set goals, except 1000 miles in 2015. So my motivation and drive and routine has been off.

I love structure and with training for something for 6 months non stop and then beginning running the last 3 years and training for all kinds of things, to not, it is a huge for me. So I have realized though, through this week, is that I may not be training for a race or anything, BUT I am training to be better, faster, stronger ME.

I am training to be a Bad-Ass!! So while yes, I don't have any big goal for the time being, doesn't mean I just cant get out there, fall in love with just the run again and make a routine and just have fun with because the beauty of the training for me, the finish line is never there, I can always push it a little further.

And besides my water intake this week and running, my food has been really great too. The Facebook group really helped a lot and got me right back on track. Except for last night, I did have a little cheat meal with some chips with Chipotle and Brookside Chocolate Covered Clusters ( I knew I shouldn't have bought them). But hey, I owned up too and today I got right back to it and it was just that, a cheat meal and not a cheat week, day, etc.

I am so pleasantly surprised this week and it has light the fire I needed!!

Hope everyone had a great one too!!!