Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5 weeks left of my journey to 26.2

Oh my god that title!!

It excites me and frightens me all at the same time!! So much stress and busy stuff going on in those 5 weeks too. I'm trying everything in my power to not have it interfer with my training at all.

BUT holy crap 5 weeks!!

Remember when it was day 1! Seems forever ago and it really it was and is. 5 more weeks to go! Insane!

It literally is the final countdown.

Today was a bad and stressful day and despite it all I got my run in

I needed this run even if I didn't want to do it and I'm so glad I did. Plus it proves even with my crazy life I will get this accomplished because me complaining and whining and laying on the couch with ice cream, which I would love to do, won't get me to that finish line. Picking myself up, shaking it out and putting on my running shoes will.

Okay now that reality sets in, I'm making dinner and resting!! 

Happy Hump Day