Monday, September 1, 2014

Day After

So today was a full on rest day. I mean I had nothing planned, except the fact I had to go to Walmart to get my contacts, I desperately needed new ones. I did want to clean out my closet a bit, start working on my race bib project frame thing, go get my new running shoes, but nothing seemed at all that great, besides being lazy and laying around.

I slept in until 9. I wanted to sleep in longer but James had to get up for work, so I was up too. I made myself a quick breakfast and coffee and then shuffled my way to the couch. My hunger was back for sure today and snacking was in full effect. I laid on the couch all morning, watching shows I never would before like Wahlburgers and Killer Kids. Wahlburgers was actually pretty good and darn that Killer Kids show, sucked me in. I ate some lunch and then went right back to bed and just slept until I felt I needed to get up.

I ended up taking almost a 3 hour nap. It felt amazing. I woke up with some energy, not much and then I went to Walmart to get my stuff. Am I bummed, I didn't do anything else today. Absolutely not! This is a rest day.  A true rest day. Usually my "rest days" are also work days, so for me not to have work, or anything else going on, is beautiful. I have made my way back to couch, which I am sure I will remain for the rest of the evening. Maybe a dip in the pool.

I am closing tomorrow and Wednesday and then have a travel day Thursday. Then Friday I am on a plane to NY for the whole weekend for my best friends sister's wedding. I am so excited to get away for the weekend and see my family, even if it is just for a very quick trip. I am glad I don't have much to pack, except my running shoes and dress of course. There are some things I want to do this week before I go away, get my eye brows waxed, dye my hair, etc, but today, well it is just not one of those days.

I do have to say from that run yesterday, I feel pretty good. I am a bit sore in my calves and hips. I have a chaff and scratch on my back from the fuel belt and my shoulders and arms feel sore from the water pack, but all in all, I am not bad at all. My energy and tiredness isn't even all that bad either. I felt worse when I ran 20. I am so glad though I had today off of work, I could not go in at all for sure. But something else inside me is different too from that run. I feel stronger and that feeling of bad ass is there too. I want to tell everyone I see, I ran 23 miles yesterday and I am still standing and better than ever.

Feeling like this, I can not wait to see how I am going to be feeling after the 26.2. 40 more days and we will be finding that out. Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing Labor Day.