Monday, September 22, 2014

Tapering Has Begun

Hey Ya'll!!!

Not sure when I turned country but go with it haha. My life right now is all about the taper!!

I am 19 days away from the marathon!! 19 days! In these 19 days my mileage weekly is going down and my runs in general. I'm concentrating on getting my mind and body in complete order. Drinking lots of water and keeping my hunger under control and fueling to keep my body strong. Even though right now I'm carb crazy.. Almonds and pretzel thins are making my life complete today in fact. Anyway I'm trying to keep my nerves in check too and not go crazy with thoughts thinking I'm doing to little or not enough. For example today is a rest day and yesterday I didn't run or work out at all but I spent 14.5 hours at work resetting my whole store. On my legs and feet for 14.5 hours, no rest that day. I felt it a lot too this morning. But I know the rest is what really matters for me. 

This is the next phase in my journey!!!