Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Victoria's Secret Sports Bra Review

"This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest."

I love everything and anything that deals with healthy living and fitness. When I was given the complimentary items from Victoria's Secret to test and review as part of Influenster and for this contest, I was beyond thrilled. I received a pair of their new line of VSSport wear. Which by the way, I have been eyeing up like crazy, every time I would go into the store. I was also given a new Sports Bra to test and review too. The first bra I was given, didn't quite fit me well, so I was instructed to go into the store and exchange one that would.

The manager was actually the one to help me and she was WONDERFUL. She was happy and eager to get me to try one on and feel better about my selection. She opened up a drawer to let me choose which ever color or style I wanted. The style I originally was given, wasn't at their location yet, so I opted for another style. Secretly I was very happy because I really wanted to try the one with the zipper in the front.

Okay, so I am going to post a picture and it is very much out of my comfort zone to do so because I am still VERY self conscious about my body. I am human and can find flaws in everything I wear, it is a problem I have. I have lost a significant amount of weight too and my body has extra skin. I am a work in progress. Oh and I do not wear a bikini when I am at the pool or beach, so my stomach is blinding white! Sorry, not sorry lol.

But when I was given these products to review I knew I was going to post a picture of me in the bra no matter what. And the reason, because working out makes me feel good about myself and my new, sexy, zipper in the front, totally out of my comfort zone Sports bar, made me feel even more sexier.

I thought the bra fit very well. It was comfortable and worked in all the right places. I loved the back because it didn't move or chaff at all. The zipper in the front made it easy to come off after my work out! I hate when I have a sports bra and it is soaking wet and it becomes another workout just to get it off. With the Incredible bra from VS, you don't have to worry about that. My cup size was a tad bit big, but I have that problem a lot, I have tiny boobs, due to my weight loss.

The fit was perfect though. What is even nicer, the bra gave me a lift and a little bit of sass and spunk, which I normally don't have when I am working out. I felt beautiful and strong and fierce in this bra, that I actually would have worked out in just the shorts and the bra. The straps were adjustable and thick. No more digging into my shoulders and leaving marks. While I think the bra is a bit expensive for me, I know that this is a bra that holds up for a very long time. I loved this bra for the gym.

I also received for review Victoria's Secrets capris. 

My phone deleted the picture, darn iOs update, but here is a link to what they looked like... http://instagram.com/p/s0thsYht34/?modal=true

I loved this capris. They were a bit long for me, since I am only 5 foot but they were so comfy. I rolled them up a bit for when I was running. They fit perfectly and gave my butt a little form. The high waist was amazing and tucked in my not so pretty parts. The color down the side was bright and fun. What I loved the most is I could transition from workout to day out and running errands all in my one outfit.

My whole experience with the VSSport line was Incredible. I am in love with their whole new Sports Line and head into your local Victoria's Secret or online to check out their sexy, fun new line of gear.