Friday, September 5, 2014

Running Just To Run

Oh thank goodness it is Friday.

In 6 hours, I will be on a plane and heading home to NY for the whole weekend. I hear the weather is pretty hot up there too now, which I am not excited about, I would love some cool weather right about now. But I do get to see my Poppy the minute I get off the plane, which makes it all so very much worth it.

So today I knew I wanted to get a run in of some sorts. Technically it could have been the one day I was able to sleep in, since no work and really nothing else going on. But I got up at 5 and went downtown to just run. I didn't want to follow a plan or anything, I didn't really have a mileage in mind, I just wanted to kind of run.

I had done 23 miles on Sunday and I wanted to do another long run mileage, to just see how my body would feel and if I could do it. I set out and ran 8 miles. 8 is my magic number and really my favorite running mileage. I ran today to just clear my head and just release a bit. Today, would have been my Dad's 55th birthday today. This day is hard for me because last year, I spread his ashes on this day, to finally release him. Plus, we loved Birthdays and I would call him every year on his birthday and tell him how much I loved him.

So today, I just wanted to run to kind of start my day right, being downtown close to my dad and paying him respects. I didn't have to say anything, I just ran and then sat down by where I spread his ashes and just sat there and thought about him. I tried to remember his voice and laugh. I just took in the views and blew him a kiss and off I went.

The 8 miles felt good. I am having some tightness in my left calve, which I think is tied to my plantars issue, but it wasn't to too bad. I am heating it up for a bit now and then some ice. Today, started on a good note, just how I like it to be, running just for the love of running.

I might not post a whole lot this weekend, since I will be pretty busy. But have a great weekend, hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love.