Thursday, September 11, 2014

Running With Bricks, A Big Loss & Excited About Sunday Funday

It is Thursday but yet I feel like it is Saturday. Days off the beginning of the week really mess me all up. This whole week has thrown me for a quite a curve ball, but I am slowly getting back to things, before another week that will throw me off.

I had to open for work today, so I opted to sleep in. I tell ya, on days I work, I hate getting up early to work out and work, but I also hate coming home after work to work out, it is a lose lose for me. But I slept in and then went to Weight Watchers to weigh in.

To my very happy surprise, I lost 3.6 pounds. The week prior I weighed in and had gained 6.8, that was the week of my TOM and my 23 miles. My hormones and everything were crazy and considering the rest of the week, I attended a wedding, had ice cream for a lunch and was home in my hometown and flew, 3.6 was a nice loss. I hope this means I am doing something right. My hunger has been off the charts again lately and I am really trying to pull high protein items. So far so good.

But before typing, I did eat probably an embarassing amount of cracker chips with hummus. SOOOOO GOOD!! I just couldn't stop. But we are having dinner soon, so it will even out and I am so enjoying a glass of SkinnyGirl tonight. It is raining, James wants to play his video games in the bedroom, so I am curling up with a glass and my Nook. I need a night like this.

I ran after work and it hurt. I am not sure if it was the weather, or me, but my legs would not move at all. I was having to walk a little more, I don't know I was just off. But I made the 4 miles, completed the running week with 19, including 12 non-stop hill work and tomorrow I will do some work on the bike. I love the long run weeks and then the short run weeks, that has really been great for me.

I have to say I am super excited for Sunday. I am running 20 miles, I know crazy to say I am excited about that, but Nanci and her crew are coming to St. Pete to run 14 miles of it together. This will be Nanci's longest run ever, I am so excited to be apart of this big milestone with her and to have company for a big majority of my long run.

After my run, James is off on Sunday and we are watching football all day. I am fine with being lazy on the couch and just vegging out. I have a lot of work coming up in the next few weeks, so a day like this, I am all about. Plus I have vowed to him, to be more responsive when it comes to football this year, he loves it a lot and huge Redskins fan, so I am trying to not give him so much hassel about spending all of a Sunday watching it.

So I just want to get through 2 more days and then my Sunday Funday!!!

Hope everyone has something exciting they are looking forward too this weekend.