Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Wedding, Beautiful Weather, & A "Coming Home" Run

I am back from my long weekend away to my hometown!!! It was a beautiful, fun filled, exciting, exhausting weekend. But so well worth it.

On Friday after my run in the morning. I caught my flight and a nice, relaxing one. I met my Poppy at the airport and we had some dinner together and then met up with my BFF, LeaAnn and started her sisters wedding weekend. We were staying in a hotel all weekend, and it was so nice. I loved being back home this weekend, the weather was so nice and a great change of pace.

I laughed the whole weekend and was filled with love. The wedding was on Saturday. I did have a rest day that day, due to being so busy getting everything ready for the wedding. The day was so hot and humid, I was not excited about that because I was hoping for cool weather, but regardless the wedding was absolutely perfect. Cassidy, the bride looked amazing. The reception was a ton of fun, I enjoyed some glasses of wine and seeing people I haven't seen in years!!

I am obsessed with this picture. This is my BFF LeaAnn. We have been Best Friends for 20 plus years. We have had some amazing times and have had our downs too, but no matter the distance or time, she is the one person who knows me like no other. She will always be my best friend and this picture surely shows this. It was so nice to spend the whole weekend with her for once since I was being home. And I will see her again when I run my marathon.

So we had a great time at the wedding. On Sunday, the day after, we all went to breakfast and because I knew I had one too many glasses of wine, water and egg whites and getting back on track was so well needed, well back on track as best as I could. After the wedding party and others breakfast, I met up with my mom. I was happy to spend a few hours with her. The weather was amazing. I mean like absolutely amazing, no humidity and cool. I haven't had that type of weather in FOREVER!!!

I was stoked and wanted to spend all afternoon outside, regardless if I was tired all not.

The views were taking my breath away. You never know how much you love where you came from, until you leave and come back. I took all this amazing views and scenes for granted. I loved seeing the mountains and the big blue sky and trees. It was eye opening from me and truly love where I come from.

My mom and drove around to some of my favorite spots growing up, just taking it all in. We also stopped for a quick treat..

YUM!!! I think the views, being with my mom and just being home on a Sunday like this, made this even sweeter.

I felt like I was flying high on Sunday. I had all this energy. I don't know what it was. I was just wanting to run and experience this beautiful day. So despite the night I had, or how tired I might have been, when I got back to my Poppy's house, I went for my 12 mile run.

Crazy, I never have done anything like that after a busy long night, but I was awakened and ready to go. I was nervous, if I really was going to get it done. I hadn't had a mileage set up or where I was going to go, so I just went with it. I knew I wanted to go to certain areas, but really all I wanted to do was just run my town.

I had gorgeous views, tough, TOUGH hills. Up and down, killing my Quads and my legs. I mean killing me them. They felt like J-E-L-L-O. And I understood when they see downhill isn't always the best. Which now I know at the marathon, it will be quite different, but this run, really enlightened and helped with this.

This run was so sureal to me because I was going back home to somewhere, where running was never something I was about. I hated running the track, I would avoid, but I took that track like a champ. I ran this town, feeling so strong, and even better so confident.

This run was tough, but life changing. It made me come full circle in my life. I really have changed for the better and this run proved it. Going back to my High School, brought back so many memories, it was awesome to experience.

This was probably one of my favorite runs in my training and I am so happy I did, even though I am beat today from it, still haha.

I was beat after this run and so happy when I came through the front door, my Poppy had beef stew waiting for me. I ate that bad boy all up. My hunger was a bit crazy after that run, but I made good choices. My Poppy said he loved to see me eating and eating right. He also took a moment to tell me how proud of me he is and how determined I am and getting it done and accomplishing this.

It melted my heart...

This weekend away was amazing. I flew back late last night, so this morning, I felt like a truck hit me. My legs were quite sore and my mind is all over the place. I have a lot going on this week with work and needed this morning as another rest day to get myself back on track. I will make this day up on Friday with another run. I am a little bit mad at my body for not bouncing back, but with everything going, I totally understand.

Thanks for reading this long post, hope everyone had an amazing weekend like I did.