Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Different Form of XT

Yesterday was an awesome day off!!! It rained for a lot of the day, which never happens here in Florida, usually it is for an hour or so. But all day was glorious.

I got some blogging done. I finished the rest of my book I was reading; Silent Run by Barbara Freethy. Good book, not great, a little drawn out, but it kept me entertained for sure. I made my favorite cookies, Hungry Girl Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Softies. Click on the link for details. I posted this recipe on September 10 last year and made them a week apart this year, how strange is that. I guess I crave around the same time of year.

Then after a nice day of just doing a little bit of nothing, I went to do my XT with Nanci. We were going to a PiYo class in Palm Harbor, taught up our friend Caitlyn. I met Caitlyn back in May when I won her giveaway for the Color Me Rad race. She and Nanci are great friends and two people I love to have in my life. I tend to gravitate towards those who inspire, motivate and are just as determine as I am. And these two ladies are just that. When Nanci told me Caitlyn was teaching the class on Wednesday nights at 6:30, I couldn't resist, especially since I was off of work.

It is a little bit of a drive for me, but I met Nanci at her house and then we drove over together, which was super nice of her. The class was awesome. I have never really done Yoga or Pilates, so I wasn't sure what to expect and considering I had just done the 20 miles on Sunday, not sure what my legs were in for. Caitlyn was an awesome instructor, she played great music and kept us going non stop. She was motivating and made modifications for those who would need it. I felt awkward at first. One thing about me, I get a bit shy in a fitness class, that's probably why I don't go to them. I tend to feel like I am being judged, but I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and just go with it.

And I did. It helped having friends there. The moves were challenging at some parts, but man could I feel the burn, in my legs, arms and stomach. I love that burn feeling, means I am doing something right. The class was about 55 minutes and you would have never known. I really enjoyed the class and will be going back when I can on Wednesday nights.

This morning getting up I was a bit sore. My butt and quads and upper body a bit. These next couple of weeks with training and work will be a bit different. Where I normally do my long run on Sunday, then Tuesday, Thursday, Friday I usually run and XT day on Wednesday or Friday and rest on Monday and Saturday, it is all kind of changing. We have lots of different things coming up with work so I have to adjust to make sure I am taking care of my body and getting in the rest days at the right time and XT when I can and not missing any running.

Like today, I normally run before I have to close at work and rest on Saturday because I have a long run on Sunday, but today I took a rest day from all activity and will run on Saturday because on Sunday I am working all day long, 12 plus hours, so my long run wont be until Tuesday, when I am off again. Confused yet??

 I didn't want to have a rest day back to back on Saturday and Sunday. Which this morning, it came at a perfect time frame because I was really enjoying sleeping in. So tomorrow and Saturday I will get 5 and 3 miles in.

It's funny because before the training, I would just not run and then probably miss tons of days after, now I am so trained, if I don't do the run when I say, I feel guilty.

Hope you have a great Thursday!!