Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Day Got Better

Okay well today I turned my day around! Was feeling all kinds of in a funk with waking up today and how my head and body felt! Thought it over and with lots of awesome advice from friends, rest was much needed! And switching around long runs and such, doesn't make me less of a runner. Geez this is only day 2 of tapering and I'm crazy haha. 

I have decided to move the ten miles until Friday when I'm off of work all day. No rushing and it gives me a couple of days of sleeping in, which I so want. So tomorrow I'll do 6, Thursday, 4, Friday 10 and then a light XT on Saturday. I feel more at ease with that. See what happens when I work on A Sunday all hell breaks loose in my life. 

To make me feel better, James suggested I'm come to his work and visit him and he'll take me to lunch and Froyo and Target. He treats me amazing. I think he is used to my crazy and obsessively asking him how I look.

We went to the Hungry Greek for lunch..

I got the Hungry Greek pita with a side Greek salad, 13pp and freaking amazing. I forget how much I love Greek food. It was fresh and healthy. Hit the spot.

Then I went to Target on the hunt for Pumpk things and other fall finds I have seen on Instagram and Facebook

I did pretty well! I found the Chobani and the rest was all new things. I seriously love fall and all it brings. I also love all things Christmas too! Beware! The trail mix is a bad idea for me but I couldn't resist! I have only had the gum so far and loved it! I thought it tasted great!

Then went back to say goodbye to James and we went to Yogurt Mountain. I was hoping for pumpkin frozen yogurt, but they didn't have it, so i had a little bit of caramel corn and sour apple. So good and when I mean a little, just 2 oz. woohoo! I forgot to take a picture, just imagine how delicious! 

But I did snap one of this handsome devil! He makes my life complete. It has been a long couple of months of training and devotion and he has supported me through it all. I can't explain how deep my love goes!

So I finally got my rest day of a day off and anything, even though my mind went crazy, it has felt really good!