Thursday, September 4, 2014

This Week...

It's Thursday but I swear it is Friday!

I am so off this week. Ever have one of those weeks, where right from the beginning you knew, it was going to be just one of those weeks?! Where nothing seems to go right, your off, one minute tons of energy, next I am dragging myself across the carpet and my brain is going a million miles a minute.

Yup that has been my week so far.

On Tuesday, I ended up using the extra REST day and even took the whole day off from work. I needed too. There was just no way I could function. I had a conference call at 9 that day, 9:40 I crawled back in bed trying to get some sleep and when I woke up for work, I felt like a Truck had run me over. I gave up, I waved that white flag and called off of work and had someone cover my whole shift.

Thankfully I have some people on my staff now, willing to do so. I felt so guilty because I NEVER call off, unless I am puking, which the last time I did that was a year ago. So you know I am all kinds of out of sorts if I am calling off. I spent the day just laying around, just getting my self back to normal. My T.O.M. had a lot to do with that too, like I said probably a bit of TMI, but I always said I would be real and honest. This month that little pain was a big one. I mean between the 23 miles, I was zapped.

Finally after a good two days of rest, I felt back to normal a bit yesterday. I have to say, thank god I am taking off the whole week of work after the marathon, because holy hell am I am going to need it. Yesterday, I slept in a bit, this whole tired thing was in full force this week, and went out to run around 9:30 am.

Rookie mistake, I know better, but my pillow and dark room, was much more important to me. It was hot but it felt good to sweat. My legs felt pretty good. I am having some really bad tightness on the bottom portion of my left calf. I have been stretching and heating and icing. It was okay yesterday running, it just needs to work its self out. I got the 3 miles done and in my new shoes.

I got the same Brooks Ghost 7 just in a new color, these little beauties will be taking me home. I will be using these from now on. I am thinking about using them only on my long runs and then the old Brooks for my 3-4 mile days. That way they will be still fresh by the time the finish line is in view.

I am such a sucker for new things. But when I saw these, I knew they were mine. They are bright and colorful and well totally me. If I could sparkles on them I would.

Because I screwed up my days this week with runs, I know I need a XT day in this week. So today is that day, I thought it was a run day, but I was wrong, which I am kind of happy with. I like to switch it up a bit and I am hoping the bike, will stretch out the pain in my calf since it isn't pounding. I will get a good 11 miles on the bike tonight after work. Then continue to clean, pack and do laundry.

It has been a hard balance this week with the long run, but I am getting there. At least this prepares me for next month.

I am very excited that tomorrow I start my long weekend off and going home to NY for my Best Friends little sister's wedding on Saturday. I get to spend the whole weekend with my BFF and it has been a long time since we have been able to do that, so I am stoked for that. Plus I get to get a long run in my hometown on Monday of 12 miles. I'm not even sure my hometown is 12 miles long, but I will figure it out. I am hoping the weather is not humid and cool so I can really enjoy the run. Plus we have tons of hills, so hill work is much needed, even though I dread it.

So tomorrow is a run day and it is a vacation day, which means I will be up early and loving every moment of it.

Hope everyone is having a great first week of September!!