Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Side Effects Include, Obsessing over Marathon Training

I am completely obsessed with marathon training! I mean everything and anything about it. Literally it is all I talk about. I have realized this a lot in the last couple of days. Anything I do or say in a single day will revolve around the fact that I am training for a marathon. I am sure it sounds crazy but I think because it is coming down to the wire, it is all that is on my mind.

As it should be.

I have been spending time, looking at other peoples times and paces through Instagram, reading blogs about others Journey to 26.2. When drive by a MARATHON gas station, I light up with just the name. If I see others running or speaking about running, I have to chime in.

My staff is probably sick and tired about all I talk about the training and the upcoming marathon. They have seen me so tired and moving around the store like a snail, complaining how my body aches or leaving to go to Starbucks just to get an extra coffee to keep me going. I bet they will be thrilled to have me done with it.

I talk to other stores, saying, "Hey did you know I am training for a marathon."

My work BFF, I talk to her all day long about it, luckily she and my boss are big running fans, so it is second nature. My poor boyfriend, our whole lives for the last 5 months have been about marathon training. He has spent many nights on the couch, so I can get a good solid nights of sleep. He snores and I hate it. He has sacrificed so many nights of us going out for a date night because the next day I have to run. But you know what it will be worth it. I asked him how I have trained during this training process and he said, well your waist got smaller and you run  a WHOLE LOT, it is all you do!!!"

And it really is, my life for the past 5 months, has been nothing but running or how to improve my running or what is going to make me run better.

Today, I went to WW and weighed in. I gain .6. Okay it probably had to do with the hot dog and beer from the Rays game we went to last night and I am okay with that. Because I ran 20 miles this past Sunday!! I mean come on, nothing can take that away. I didn't stay for the meeting because the leader that runs it on Wednesdays isn't really my style we just don't click. I had on my Color Me Rad shirt and shorts and she said your either coming from working out or going to.

I said, no I just like to wear this on my day off. Where in truth I am going to work out later. The next thing out of my mouth was I am training for a marathon. She never asked or anything, I kind of blurted it out. She then looked me up and down and smiled and said, oh what kind of marathon, how many miles??

It took everything in me to not laugh. Really??? I wanted to scream a FULL, 26.2 MILES LADY!!

You know you're a runner when it really bothers you that regular people don't  know the distance of a marathon. They assume  all races are

This was me this morning. She was like wow must be a lot of work, I said yeah and my hunger is crazy, she said oh really, why is that?? YOUR A WW LEADER, that should make sense, I said because I am running like 25-40 miles a week and then extra. She just smiled.

It was the weirdest encounter I have ever had. She clearly had no clue. And my obsession with training continued.

But because of my obsession with Marathon training. I have met some amazing people in real life and through social media. I have changed my body in a way I don't think I could have any other form. I have learned I am a lot stronger and tougher than I thought I was. I have learned I love to sleep AND sleep means a big deal. I don't mind getting up at 4 and running for 5 plus hours. That sometime sneakers are the only shoes that will do. That being lazy after a run, is really okay and not feel guilty about it. That any mileage of run is a big deal and never forget that. Sometimes a mile feels just as tough as 20 and that is just the way it is.

But more importantly that training works. Having a plan and sticking to it, really does make a huge difference and it will change your life, even if you drive away others by talking about it all the time..haha