Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The extra REST day

Can you guess how I am feeling today??!

I woke up feeling like a. Truck ran me over!!

My uterus is yelling at me and my quads are sore, really sore. My body is achy and my mind frame, yeah the idea of going out there in the heat and running for just 3 miles wasn't happening today. I need a little more rest. I know it has a lot to do with my TOM going on, it sucks, it drains me but on top of the 23 miles Sunday, yeah well it isn't pretty.

I do have to work tonight 130-930... So I'm resting and napping before then, well as much as I can. Instead of a XT tomorrow I'm gonna get a run in, make up the 3 miles. I normally don't run I. Days I weigh in but it's what I have to do. That scale can kick rocks anyway this week, I ran 23 miles despite what it says.

Even though I feel guilty taking an extra rest day this week since I have another on Saturday because of the wedding, it's what I have to do. It doesn't make me less of a runner or less training, it makes me human and for once listening to my body!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday