Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gave In To The Treadmill

14 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Macaroni and Cheese Balls!!!! 14 days, two weeks until the big day. This time in two week, I will hopefully be falling asleep and getting lots of rest for the big day. To say I am a nervous or excited is an understatement, really right now I am just trying to make it through the days now.

This morning I woke up feeling icky. I had a sinus headache and cramps. So bad, so I figured after work, I was going to run. I had to get 4 miles. I was just praying I would get out at a decent time. We were busy at work today, so busy, I didn't eat anything until 2:30. Seriously! The joys of retail. I gobbled my protein bar down so quickly. I was starving.

I got out on time but of course it was down pouring, thundering and lighting. Yeah not happening for me. Which meant, I had to get my mileage in on the dreadmill. I HATE the treadmill and running. I don't mind walking on it but something about running it, throws me completely off. I hate staring at myself, our T.V. in our gym is on the other side, and we have no Wifi. But I knew I had to get my mileage, despite as how much I didn't want to do it.

To be quite honest, it wasn't that bad. I watched some music videos to pass the time and played around with the speed I had wanted to improve. I was sweating like crazy too. It felt good, but there is such a different pounding, running on that thing then outside. I will always choose outside, but hey what can you do. I figure out of the 5 months of my training, 1 day of running on the treadmill, isn't that bad in odds.

I ended my first tapering week with 18 miles. I probably should have had another 3 or 4 miles mixed in there this week, but what can I do. I did rest a bunch because I wasn't feeling great, which helps because I am starting to feel much better now. And it's crazy, I did 10 miles yesterday and didn't feel a thing. Remember when I would be in such pain. Not so much now.

Tomorrow starts week 2, which is less mileage too and the same set up 3 run days and 4 rest days. I will be on my feet a lot this week because we are moving a store, which will keep my legs nice and moving.

Tomorrow I am also running with Nanci and Corina, which I am excited about. They are doing  13.1 and I only have to do 6. So I am going to hang out and wait and for them to finish and cheer them on :0). And then of course refuel with some coffee. Then another Sunday Funday with James of football and naps!

Have a great weekend!