Sunday, March 30, 2014

A perfect day off done my way..

Ever have one of those days where everything just seemed to just fall into place??!!

You were able to get everything you wanted to get done, nothing stood in your way, just had a great day all the way around?!!

Today was one of those days for me...and I needed one like this for sure.

While the morning was a bit sad, I had to bring James to the airport. Considering we both have family in two different states, we tend to take vacations separate. We actually have never really "vacationed" together. Sure we have gone on stay cations and such, but gone away, away together, nope has never happened. It is hard for us to schedule those kind of vacations because we only really get to see our families once or twice a year, when we get to, its nice to go alone, so we can spend nothing but quality time with them.

So anyway, I had to drop him off and I hate to see him go for a week. I get lonely here in the apartment without him, especially at night. And well, despite if we fight and such, I love that man to death and I don't like being without him. But I know he will have a great time and enjoy lots of family fun, so I put on a brave face. And we skype when we can, so it's nice.

Since I had to drop him off in Tampa and I was up early, I figured I would head over to Bayshore to run Bayshore Blvd, the same area I ran for Gasparilla. I wanted to get a long run in any today since Iron Girl is in 2 weeks. I cant believe it. Two weeks and I will be running my 6th Half Marathon and I accomplished this all in 13 months, crazy to me, still!

I love running Bayshore when I can, which is rare. I don't get over to Tampa often, so this was a real treat. The only problem is there are no water stations or rest areas on the route, so I have to plan right so I don't have anything weird come up. I didn't bring my fuel belt with me because the weather didn't seem too hot, I even had to put a long sleeve shirt on. Well if one thing I have learned with Florida, the weather is deserving. I could have used some water and that long sleeve was not needed.

The run was good, it still took me a good 3 miles to get my rhythm going. My legs did not hurt as much as they have recently, which was a big help, but at times I still felt like I was really struggling. I don't know if it is the weather or my shoes, or what but it definitely takes awhile for me to get going. But I pushed through and finally the run just felt great.

When I have moments like this, where I feel like I want to give up, or stop, or get frustrated, I talk myself out of it. I mean there are times where I am literally screaming at myself in my head, but I just chant over and over that I can do it, and it does work. I try to push the pain I have out of my head and focus on just finishing. I think of things I want to do when I am done with my run, I think of stuff in the future and before I know it, I am just running.

Even though it was getting hot, the warm sun felt great. And as horrible as I look, I 
never feel more alive then when I am running...

Bayshore really has some gorgeous views of the bay. This is my Sunday service..

I planned for 8 miles and I got in 8 miles. It was a nice run and I am so glad that I took the time to come out there this morning. The view and area alone is so worth it.

And a pretty awesome way to kick off a day off and Sunday and burned almost a 1000 calories too.

After my run, since I was in Tampa I figured I would go and check out the Trader Joe's that just opened. I knew it would be packed for a Sunday, so I was glad I could get there early. They have been open for a week and everyone is going. Since I have been to one before, I wanted to pick up items I wasn't able to get because of flying back to FL from NY, so basically more perishable and frozen items. 

The store looked great and laid out pretty much the same. I got some really great stuff to try, I will post tomorrow, that way I can make a whole post about it.

From Trader Joe's and able to beat the lines, I went to Target because I mean, who doesn't love Target and since I was out, why the heck not. I could walk around Target for hours and I actually limited myself to just a few items, even though I never seem to make it out of there empty handed. 

I did find 3 really awesome items, I am excited about.

The Banana Walnut trail mix was an impulse, I can not pass up a tasty and new trail mix. 

The Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter was something I have been looking for forever!! I could not find it anywhere, not even Whole Foods, so when I saw that, I snatched it so quickly. I also have tried it today and it is wonderful! I am officially obsessed with almond butter.

I have read and heard about Yurbuds recently and to find them at half off and in pink, I seriously could not pass them up. They are made for women with small ears. I have the worst times with ear buds and the ones I have I love, but they are a little worn out now, 3 years and now they are falling out a bit. So when I saw these, even though I didn't really need them I grabbed them at such a great price.

After my Target trip, I swung by CVS, so I could pick up some things and use some coupons I had with them. I came home after, feeling pretty awesome and from having a great day out. I made lunch and then took myself to our pool for about an hour and half. Seriously the day was gorgeous, but that Florida sun, can be killer. I finished two magazines while laying out and have started my tan. I vow to do this more often for sure on my days off.

The sun was tiring me out and since I was up at 5 and ran around all morning, I was ready for a nap. Then I passed out, literally for almost 3 hours. I tell ya, when my body wants rest, it wants rest.

I was excited to cook dinner tonight because I had a lot of goodies I got from today to cook with...

Some red quinoa, Chicken burger with avocado and srirachia, Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. All power foods and delicious and then I popped in Frozen, which I am probably the last person to see it in the world. It turned out to be the cutest movie and every song is stuck in my head.

Ending my night soon with a dessert, hopefully a call from my love and some light reading. 

Perfect Sunday and day off.

I need more like these!