Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mom Day

I am having issues logging into my account so I have to type this from my phone, so please excuse the grammar I will have going on! Mainly this post is a recap of my amazingly awesome day that I had yesterday with my Mom. When I am home I try to spend at least one full day with her because the rest I spend with my Poppy and my dad's side of the family because it is so special to me to be with them this time of year. But yesterday was my mama/daughter day. We started our day at Trader Joe's! We don't have one in Florida yet, we are getting on very soon, so since I was home I figured it would be something run to do! I picked up some awesome items but I will post those pictures later on.

That's my Mama!

Of course we took two picture, gotta find the perfect one.

My mom just started a new job 8 months ago and she loves it, she works at AAA and I'm so happy for her because she finally has something she likes to do after being out of work for a whole year. She took me to her office and proudly showed me off and me around her daily routine.

After a tour, we went to a Italian Market called Cardona's and had lunch. I did take a picture but my email is being crazy it got deleted. The market was small but had a whole tasting room of cheeses! It was heaven for me. As you can guess, I'm cheating a little bit here and there on WW this week. But I am very mindful of what I am eating. 

We each order a sandwich and then some tomato and mozzarella and then a 7 layer cookie to eat for dessert. Our favorite cookie of all time. 

With full bellies we went back to my Mom's house to just relax a bit. I had been up since 5:00am that day because of course on vacation I can never seem to allow myself to sleep in. I try really hard but never seem too. So since I was up so early I got in 3 miles in the freezing cold.

I bundled up really good with lots of layers! Once I got going I felt fine and warmed up pretty quick.

Okay sorry I got off track. We came back and I passed out in a nap for about an hour. I mean passed the heck out, I was drooling in my sleep I was sleeping so hard. I think the fresh air and being around my mom is what did me in.

After a refreshing nap, we got up and got back on the road to see my Aunt.

But before we had to take a picture of me looking and feeling fantastic...

 Sometimes transformation Tuesdays aren't about side by side pictures but how amazing you feel on the inside and how it shows on the outside. I would never have nor could I ever wear something like this before. Then it just happens and you embrace who you are and love how you look and it comes full circle. 

 And it doesn't help to have an awesome support system like her!

We met my Aunt at the melting pot for dinner. Not the healthiest choice but we split everything and being everything was bite sized it was awesome. We got Fiesta Cheese fondue, which came with veggies, bread and chips and then for dinner chicken, steak, mushrooms, brocoli and potatoes. 

I have never been before and the food was pretty good! We had a blast and for 3 hours we laughed non stop. We enjoyed two glasses of wine a piece and of course I had to take a picture with my Aunt who is one of my most favorite people in the world, she is also my godmother. We have a bond and relationship like no other. I'm so blessed and grateful for her. 

We needed our dinner with chocolate covered strawberries because my aunt got them for free with a birthday coupon.

Haha she'll hate me for putting this up, but I love it! This is my mother, goofy and crazy all the time. 

After a little bit more with my mom and some shopping we said goodbye to my Aunt and went back home. I was exhausted but my mom and I sat up for a couple of more hours and hung out watching tv and chatting.

My mom and I fight a lot and bicker but she really is one of my best friends. She is all I have left of a parent and can't imagine my life with out her. I really do cherish my time with her when I get to have it.

Today we are hanging out a little bit more, the weather looks really bad and rain any second, so I'm using today as a rest day fun running and taking in a day off Northern style.

Happy Middle of the Week!!!