Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Post Vacation

Well my vacation is officially over. It was fantastic, very, very cold but fantastic. I thought I did really well eating wise while away. I did notice I snacked a whole bunch, but with dinners, lunches and breakfast, when we ate out or when it was prepared, I made choices and saved most of my points for those meals. I also drank a lot of water, lots and lots of water the whole week. I took my green tea pill, vitamin and B-12 pill also every day all week.

Even though I wasn't able to run each day like I wanted too, I did run one day, did a core strength video and then a HIT work out also online. I made sure I got enough sleep each day. And ate when I was hungry, not just bored, but I did do that also.

I have to say the things I did wrong were, I didn't eat a lot of fruits and veggies like I normally do. I drank more coffee and I didn't measure out my portions. I snacked on items a lot during the day. I also should have worked out a little bit more. The videos on YouTube were amazing, I really should have done that every day and not just the two days, more activity is good activity.

But despite the things I did wrong, I did do something right because this morning when I went to weigh in, I actually lost 1 pound. Hey 1 pound is pretty freaking great considering the week I had. I am really proud of that 1 pound because every time I went home on vacation I always gained. So this was a big win for me.

I am just really hoping that this is a good start to my weight loss slump or roller coaster. So here is to a new week and I am really going to work hard this week to make that scale go down.

My vacation was wonderful, relaxing, everything I wanted, and no back to my regular programming.