Saturday, March 22, 2014

Blah Week

Wow this week has kind of been a crappy one. I have had such a hard week getting my groove back. Not sure how Stella did it so quickly but damn this week has been anything but easy. I, of course got my lovely monthly friend and it rocked my world. Which makes sense to why I was having such a bad week running, my body was just completely off. I mean completely off. I have been trying to work through it this week but it really has been tough. And besides my body feeling extremely tired, sore, fatigued, headaches and muscle aches, my eating has been cooko bananas too. It is crazy how much you crave when you have your monthly friend. I mean I had gone from crunchy and sweet.

So that is where I have been this week, just in a funk. Glad the week is over and tomorrow I am off from work and the first thing I am going to do is get a nice long run in. Shooting for 10 miles and really hoping for a gorgeous morning.

Just a little update, here's to a new week looking bright.