Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nook Book: Uganda Be Kidding Me

I am a very big Chelsea Handler fan. I DVR her show, Chelsea Lately every night and I have read every single one of her books. I think she is smart, funny, sassy and a great model that women can truly do anything and don't have to kiss ass to do it. She is definitely someone I would want to be best friends with.

Her third book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is my favorite

Her newest book is...

Which is now my second favorite. Plus I seriously love her dog Chunk, I want one just like him.

This book was great. I started it on Monday before my flight, I finished it the same day. I could not put it down and laughed my way through all 183 pages. I seriously probably freaking out my flight neighbor from random bursts of laughter. This book was about all her travels and it was hysterical the things and events she gets herself into. This book had some really rare moments in the book too, that showed the true side of Chelsea, which I really appreciated.

I downloaded the book to my Nook of course and glad I did. The book also had some personal pictures and her guide to traveling, which of course is ridiculous. With this book release, Chelsea is also going on tour. She is coming to Clearwater in May and I would love to see her, I really am considering it.

If you want a good laugh and an easy read that is quick and takes you away for a bit, download, rent, sign out or buy this book for sure. You will burn calories just from laughing alone.

Have you read any Chelsea books?

Which one is your favorite?