Monday, March 10, 2014

Vacation Time & A Quick Weekly Weigh In

Vacation has officially started! I leave for the airport in a couple of hours and then I arrive in New York around 6:30. I love flying and I especially love airports. I love to people watch and I feel so important when I get on a plane. I am all packed, except for my make-up and hair stuff, but other than that I am ready to go.

I got up earlier this morning so I could get one more run in before I head home. I know it is going to be so cold up North, so I wanted one more warm, sunny and flat land running. There are tons of hills where I am from. I got a 5k in this morning and it felt great. There is no greater feeling then working up a good sweat doing something you love.

I had to take some conference calls this morning and then I decided to hold myself accountable to go and weigh in at Weight Watchers, since I wont be there tomorrow. Weighing in after a run is probably not the best idea. I showed I gained 1.4, which I know was all water weight from the run this morning. I retain a lot of water. But I weighed in and held myself accountable.

On this vacation I probably will not track. It's just a little harder because I am a bit out of my element and eating foods I normally do not. Now does that mean I am going to be eating pizza, ice cream, etc, well if I do then so be it. But will I gorge myself to death and go off the deep end, ABSOLUTELY not!! I know better, I know the choices I should make. Will I say no to food I can't have while I live here, nope.

I am going to enjoy my vacation with my family. I usually track my breakfast and lunches and then enjoy my dinners. I am hoping to run at least 3-4 times this trip and I am packing my Biggest Loser DVD for the days where it is just too cold. I brought my WW mini bars with me, smoothies and of course my beloved Quest Bars.

I am excited to see my family because I have lost so much inches from the last time I was home, I do look a bit different. I love this vacation time because it means so much to me and I get a lot of down time. I will be posting a bunch while I am home, so be prepared for lots of updates.

Hope you have a great Monday...