Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Forgot To Share Yesterday

So with a busy Tuesday yesterday I completely forgot to write about my Weekly Weigh In that I normally post. I was so excited to write about new products I have found, it slipped my mind. Maybe a good thing because it wasn't all that exciting and exciting at the same time.

Since I had to work yesterday, I weighed in after work and honestly I feel like every weigh in is different and no clue what to expect. I am really struggling with fueling my body and fighting cravings and fighting hunger, but it is process and I am getting there for sure.

Last week I had a crazy gain of 6 pounds. CRAZY! I knew it had a lot to do with the sodium I had ingested with all the running of the weekend and my body all out of wack. So this week I was hoping that it would come off some and it did. I lost 4.2 pounds. I was thrilled, I worked hard but I didn't stress. When I focus on every little thing, I lose myself and lose what I am doing and I stress.

So this past week I just went back to basics and if I ate over my points, I ate over my points. I didn't get upset, I just lived. I have been doing Weight Watchers for over 3 years now, I know the drill. I know what is good for me and what isn't, but my body is not the same body I started out Weight Watchers with 3 years ago, as I adjusted to looking and seeing my new body, I have to adjust and fuel my new body in ways I wasn't even doing a year ago.

I have lost almost 80 pounds, that is a lot of weight and I am going to have months, weeks and days that just don't make sense. I have to remember that, I am not dropping weight to win a competition, I am doing this for the rest of my life and I am doing this for me, to be better.

Since I had that strange weight gain, I have been looking at my body differently. I keep comparing to what I looked like this time last year, or last week for that matter. I am taking selfies like it is my job! I am annoying myself with it. I guess I just fear that I can easily fall back into what I had once become. But that's crazy, I know that,  I am better and stronger than I ever was and I lost 4.2 pounds in a week, that's a huge thing.

So every time I look at myself in the mirror, I am going to say how much I adore and love of about myself. I went through my closet today and donated and sold some clothes that just weren't me anymore and used the money I got back and bought 6 new shirts to make me feel better and express me. And I know Monday when I weigh in again, I will see a loss, a loss of weight but not a loss of me, I will gain more confidence than before.

This is different from most weekly weigh in posts, but I just went with it. I guess it has been just one of those moments where I have been looking in the mirror and seeing all my imperfections, like my arm jiggle, my stomach bloat and big legs, rather than seeing how far I have come and writing it out helps a whole lot!

So here is to next week, this week I will continue my process and love myself a little bit more each day. And I suggest you do the same also.