Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last Full Day in NY

Today is my last "full" day home in NY. Tomorrow I fly back to Florida, the good thing is my flight isn't until 7:30 pm. I will get to spend the whole afternoon here in NY with my Poppy and family but then I won't get back to FL until 10:10 at night, which is kind of crappy. But I did take off the day from work on Tuesday, so I can get back to normal, unpack, I have a eye Doctors Appointment, get a long run in ( I seriously can not wait to run again) and warm up again.

I have to say the vacation home has been truly fantastic. I have loved everything I have been able to do and people I got to hang out with. I have got to relax and not worry about anything, no errands, nothing I do from my regular routine. I have been spoiled with meals taken care of, being carted around, etc. The one thing that has bothered me is the weather. I have been coming home for the last 2 years in March and each time the weather has been really nice. Sure, it has been cold, but not this cold ever before.

I mean today it is a high of 27 degrees. Going outside just made me miserable. The one real perfect day was Tuesday when I had my first day and I ran early in the morning. It was 30 degrees and after bundling up it wasn't too bad. But then it warmed up later and made up for it. Every morning since then it has been rainy, windy and freezing. I mean the wind is what is doing me in, I feel it in my bones and it makes me uncomfortable and considering I am not used to it, I don't think it is a very good idea. I can not get sick.

So yesterday I did a cardio HIT work out from Fitness Blender on YouTube. It was fantastic, 37 minutes and intense. I was breathing heavy and sweating like crazy. My muscles ache today, which is a great feeling. So even though I haven't been able to run, I got a great work out again. Today is a rest day because I seriously just want to be lazy for once. This is my first Sunday in forever, I was able to sleep in and do nothing. I mean in MONTHS!

Yesterday I met up with my best friend of 20 plus years, LeaAnn. We haven't seen each other in close to 2 years and seriously we picked up right where we left off. She lives in PA with her boyfriend, who is so sweet and perfect for her. It was great to finally meet him. So we don't get to see each other much, I was so happy we were able to spend time together the whole day yesterday.

It's crazy we have been best friends since we were in Elementary school. We have had our ups and downs in the past, but that is the past, you forgive and forget and move on. Both of us are in great times and parts of our lives right now and still make time for each other, via text messaging, etc. And when I am back in time, always try to get together. She seriously is the one person who really knows every single thing about me and then some. Lea will always be my best friend, no matter where life takes us.

We went to David's Bridal because her younger sister is getting married in September, which I will be home for. I can not believe her sister is getting married. She was like a little sister to me, crazy how time flies. They were picking out their bridesmaid dresses, it really is going to be a beautiful day. I am pretty excited to be flying home for the weekend for it.

We all went out for dinner at PF Changs, which I love anyway from back in Florida. We laughed a bunch and it just felt nice.

Take that Oscar Selfie!!!

And this morning I was able to go out to breakfast with my mom one last time for my vacation. We had a great morning and it has just been just what I needed and what my soul needed.

This vacation has been amazing but I am ready to be warm again!!