Friday, March 7, 2014

First Friday

Okay so I am getting so excited for my trip back home to New York!!!!

I seriously can not wait. I have some things lined up with seeing my mom and best friend of forever! And doing things with my Poppy, but mainly it is just time away from work and everything. I don't have to worry about running errands, cooking, cleaning, etc. I can just relax and hang out.

I plan on catching up on some reading of magazines and especially books. I am going to try to run at least 6 of the days. The weather is freezing back home, like 26 degrees, this Florida girl is not used to that. But for days I just cant get a good run in, I am going to bring my Biggest Loser DVD also.

I usually buy myself some food items when I am home to keep me on track, mainly snack items and yogurt. I know I can make good choices and I plan on having splurges with dinners because my Poppy always makes me my favorite meals when I am home and I always go for seconds, since I cant get them throughout the year. If I gain, I gain. I am enjoying my vacation and using the time to just come back full circle.

And mainly just relax!!!!

This morning was a good one, I got up early again and meet my friend Jacke for a 3 mile run. I took it at a nice, comfortable slower pace this morning, and it was good. I got ready for work and had some oatmeal mixed with fresh raspberries and Mango Jam. Perfect combination by the way.

The other day I went to Plato's Closet and actually got this shirt for only 5.00 bucks..

Loved it! I would never be able to wear something like that before. I really need to start getting new work pants, those were a tad too big.

Now spending the rest of the night hanging out with James. We rend Dallas Buyers Club and I am so excited to watch it because of Matthew McCoughney. Yum!

Hope you all had a great Friday