Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fab Finds: Snack Attack Finds and Other Greats

If you know anything about me, which I am sure now you probably have an idea, I am a snack monster!!

Best I could find haha.

Well I love to snack, nibble, munch whatever you may have it. Luckily now I have it under control then before, well a little bit, at least now I try to find the best options for me, or if they aren't the "healthiest" I know to measure out what I want, such as a serving size, or no when enough is enough.

These were awesome!!! A perfect little afternoon snack. 5pp or 190 calories per serving. They were cheesy and the pretzel texture was great. They come in two flavors, I love spicy so this one was perfect. James liked them also. I got to taste one and he got the rest :0)

I found these at Target and saw them in an email from Hungry Girl. They are portable, awesome flavors and low in calories. 80-90 calories, which come out to about 2pp per pack on Weight Watchers. I have to confess I haven't tasted them year, but I love apples, they are kettle cooked and one even has chocolate, cant believe they wont be too bad. Plus Hungry Girl said awesome things about them.

AMAZING!!! I got these at TJ Maxx. I love finding awesome snack there because they are low in price and things I normally wont find in any other grocery store. I picked these up because anything with sweet potato is right up my ally. These are really tasty, you can have about 40 pieces for 4pp or 120 calories, which I LOVE!! I am all about more bang for my buck, I love a lot for little points.

This is a flavor shaker that you sprinkle into protein shakes or really anything. I have been adding it to my protein shakes and it makes them taste just a tad bit better. A plain old vanilla protein shake, now add a little extra umph. This was actually an impulse buy, it was 40% off at GNC. But a good impulse buy, but probably wont be purchasing it again.

While at GNC and by suggestion of a friend I got this bad boy. Oh man, you seriously can enjoy chocolate and have a healthy lifestyle. This was FANTASTIC. The whole bar is two servings, but break it in half for one serving which is 100 calories or 3pp. Low sugar, low carb and great amount of protein. When you have the chocolate craving or need a serious good chocolate fix, this will do the job. Does not have that protein aftertaste, legit just taste like pure chocolate. Even if you eat the whole bar it is only 200 calories, I think that is a nice healthy splurge.

Found these at Big Lots and was super excited because I love oatmeal. I especially love oatmeal that is pre done and no work and can just add awesome goodies too, plus they were on sale, BONUS! I had the peaches one this morning and loved it. The oatmeal was sweet and flavorful, the fruit was on top and covered. After cooking as directed, I just poured the fruit and mixed it in and was a surprisingly nice addition. One cup was 4pp and took less than a minute to cook!

I love Goldfish and now they are all advance with crazy awesome flavor, not just cheese anymore, which are still one of my all time favorite snacks. This flavor is great, you can really taste the strawberry. Another great lots of quantity with little points, 35 pieces for 4pp.

These are a little bit harder to find and are only at Weight Watchers meeting locations and for WW members only. They are new products and anytime I see new, I'm all over it. I haven't tried the smoothie yet, that's for tomorrow morning, but the mini bar, OUT OF THIS WORLD. It is perfect for a Peanut Butter addiction that I indeed have and low in points, best for me!

Happy Shopping & Trying New Things!