Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars Hang Over..

Okay I am really not hung over, not one bit..

But hung over in the sense I stayed up to watch the whole thing!

When did I become so old that staying up till midnight to watch an awards show is like a night out??

Anyway, I love the Oscars. I love movies, actors, actresses, I love stories and that's what they are too me.

I normally don't watch an award show, start to finish but this Oscars was great. I thought Ellen did an amazing job as a host. She had me entertained from start to finish.

I mean...

Come On, best picture ever!!! So stinking cute!!

To her handing out pizza.

Jennifer Lawrence is by far one of my favorite actresses, just because she is so damn real! I love her!

Matthew McHottie one and well deserved. I now have to go and see Dallas Buyers Club!

But his speech is what stood out the most for me with his 3 things he does every day..

"Something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase"

I loved this! It rang through to me. And when he said the someone to chase and it was himself every 10 years, YES! That is it, that is what it is all about! I want to live by these 3 things. Here are mine..

Something to look up too: My Father in Heaven. I know he is looking down on me every single day making sure I am doing everything right. He is watching me, running with me and so proud of me. Everything I do I know I am doing for him.

Something to look forward to: I think my something to look forward to every day is the end result, the finish line and the starting line. I think every day is something to look forward too. I look forward to making my family proud and making myself proud. Right now my looking forward is about my running and work. I love forward to just succeeding and staying on this path.

Someone to Chase: Well I am going to take his and say myself in 10 years, and then 10 years after that. If I look back 10 years ago now, I was 18, just starting out, starting college, really starting life. I never thought I would be, feel or look like I do now, so I am chasing myself each year, because I want to continue to look back at how far I have come, not wishing I was there again.

So all in all I loved the Oscars. Those who won were very well deserved. I know have to see 12 Years A Slave, Dallas Buyers Club, Frozen, Nebraska, Philomena and Gravity.

If you watched the Oscars, what was your favorite moment??