Friday, March 28, 2014

When my body says rest, I rest...

Whew is all I can say.

These last two days have been crazy, long, exhausting, hurting and did I say exhausting. At work we had to do a relocation of one of our stores and it was two days of non-stop work. Wednesday was the day of non stop moving of boxes and pulling carts, picking up and putting down heavy, product filled boxes. My legs were so tired since the 10 miles from Sunday and on Tuesday I did a nice 30 minute toning ball and strength work out.

Not the best of ideas and on Wednesday I also ran 3 miles in the morning.

So needless to say Wednesday I was tired and hurting and we didn't get done until 2:00 am. But I fueled myself for the long day with protein shakes, a Subway turkey and veggie sandwich and a QuestBar, almonds and cheese sticks. Plus I earned a nice amount of activity points from all the movement.

Yesterday was another very long day of setting up the whole store. We moved and grooved from 8:30-7, and sat for a lunch which I made the choice of a salad and a chicken breast wrap. I had a light breakfast in the morning from the hotel of oatmeal and a yogurt and a Quest Bar as a snack. I had some grilled chicken nuggets on the ride home and then had a bowl of cereal for dinner when I got home.

Sore from the last couple of days, Thursday my arms and biceps were sore. I was beat. I went to bed early for me last night and slept for almost 10 hours.

Today I got up and I was still exhausted. I made some breakfast and then just kind of laid around catching up on my DVR. I was really thinking about going for a quick run, but my mind and body was so tired. I mean really, really beat. All I could think about was a nap, so I went back to sleep for 2 more hours.

What the heck is wrong with me???

I didn't realize how tired I was and how much rest I really don't get. I am always on the go on my day's off, just moving and moving, and gaining lots of activity. So even though it killed me a little bit to not run, I know my body needed just a little less. Today I used it has a complete rest day, I haven't done any laundry, cleaning or anything that consumes my mind 24 hours a day and I have to admit it has been nice.

I have been doing some social media stuff, watching TV and just hanging out. I like this and I really need to do this once in a while, even though I had vacation not too long ago, I threw myself back into everything so quickly and at once. And that is where I am at. I am here just enjoying it all for the day.