Monday, March 3, 2014

Time To Make The Doughnuts!!!

Confession time...

I love me some doughnuts!!!

But for the last couple of years I have been really good. I don't get any when I am at Dunkin, even though would I love to have them. See a funny thing happens when you change your outlook on food, you tend to stay away from those that would trigger. But with changing my outlook on food, I have found other ways to enjoy the things I used to love.

Like a doughnut..

I had seen on Instagram and other social media outlets a lot of people posting doughnut pictures, etc. I thought what a great idea for a breakfast or snack or meal, whatever floats your boat. I knew I was not creative enough to mold my own doughnut skill, I would need a doughnut pan.

I marched myself into Bed, Bath and Beyond, with my 20% off coupon of course and bought a doughnut pan. Made 6 doughnuts and with the coupon got it for 7.99. Pretty good deal.

This morning, I got up before my alarm and I was ready to make the doughnuts. Remember that old Dunkin Donuts commercial

Now picture me!

Of course I am going to make my doughnuts, in a lower calorie version and easy as pie!

I took a box of Devil's Food Cake Mix
1 can of pure pumpkin

Mixed together and then put into the Doughnut pan..

The mixture is very thick because there is no egg, water or oil. So I had to take some time to spread the mixture a bit. I think adding a little water to the mixture would help that.

Looking pretty good. And like always your can hardly taste the pumpkin. But really who doesn't love the mixture of chocolate and pumpkin.

I baked them for about 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees.

They plumped up and actually took mold of a doughnut. I was expecting them to look so much like a "real" doughnut. I was thrilled. Like beyond happy how they came out.

They cooked perfectly. Very moist and even more delicious.

Because the box serving made about 12, I only made 6 doughnuts and then 6 muffin like servings.

Because of the cake mix, the doughnuts came out to 4pp. Which is awesome because a real doughnut can start off at 8pp. That is half of it!!!

I thought they tasted just like a doughnut, looked like one, etc. 

You can make this with any kind of cake mix. It is a nice treat for the morning, a brunch or a dessert. 

I am going to get creative with some frosting soon and researching finding protein ones to make, Stay tuned.