Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Runner Problems

First and foremost this post is pretty embarrassing and very much TMI! If you don't want to read, no problem, but despite this being not one of my most proudest moments, I have to laugh about it. If you know me, you know I would tell you this story in person also, so I figure why the heck not, I mean that's the whole idea of a blog, correct?

Okay, so after work today I was all about getting a couple of miles in. The weather was gorgeous and it was set up for a great run. Today was my first day back from vacation and worked until about 5:30, a typical day. My stomach was growling, like seriously growling before I wanted to head out, so I grabbed a protein bar to settle the hunger and to take my two vitamins also.

You can probably foresee what is going to happen...

I started out on my run and something just was not right. My pants kept falling down, I couldn't get my feet to really move, my calves were VERY tight and I was really trying to push myself. I kept repeating how awesome this would be, a nice, easy 4 miles. I had to walk a bit more in the beginning because I am having a bit of an issue, getting into a rhythm. I feel like I am starting over again.

So right after my first mile came in, everything started to hit me.

And it began..

My stomach was angry at me. My whole body started cramping. My sides were cramping, legs, I seriously could not move. I had to pause and walk for just a bit and catch my breath and then my stomach rumbled.

Yup, that rumble that tells you, you have only a little bit of time!!

You know what I mean!

Running the rest of the way was not an option for me at this point. Walking back was the only way and even that was a problem. My stomach had the worst cramps and to be quite blunt I was about to crap my pants!

I have never experienced this before, sure running I have the little toot toots here and there, but the whole I gotta go feeling, Nope!

Runners are known to have this issue, but geez I mean if it is going to happen to be I wanted to be next to a bathroom or at least close to home. Of course I was about a mile and half away from home.

The longest walk ever! If you saw me on the road tonight, sorry, I was trying to hold it all in and luckily I did.

I seriously was considering calling James to get me before I had an accident haha.

This is totally embarrassing but you know what it happens and I am sure it might happen to you at some point. Just know you are not alone, get somewhere fast and quick if you can too.

I ended up getting a total of 2 miles in, not what I wanted but after this little fun experience, I am taking it as a win and called it a night. There is always tomorrow.

And a little advice, maybe skip on the whey protein bar and vitamins right before!

Happy Hump Day! Something to make you laugh mid week