Monday, March 10, 2014

Flights, Smooches & Home

I am back home!!!!

I made it safely and quite great actually. The flight was terrific, on time and no issues whats so ever. I read the whole time. I have never flown out of this airport or airline before so I was excited to try it. I mean for half off the cost of what I normally fly, I really couldn't beat it.

After my Weigh In this morning and getting all my ducks in a row at work, I came home and showered and James and I went out for lunch. I of course wanted Chipotle. I know I wont have that here back home, so I needed my quick fix.

James dropped me off at the airport and hung out with me for a bit, until I had to go through security. I picked up some almonds to snack on and a Diet Dr. Pepper for before hand. My luggage was over the limit and I had to unload some stuff because for 8 pounds over I was not paying 50.00 extra bucks. I am the worst packer by the way. I ALWAYS pack too much. So letting some things go was probably a good idea and if worse come to worse, I can always go shopping.

James and I have a tradition and it is super cute. Any time I fly, he always takes a going away picture so he can use it as the background to his phone.

I swear he kills me! Then we take a picture together, give smooches and on my way I go.

I had a good hour so I started reading Chelsea Handler's new book which I bought for my Nook. I love her and have read each and every one of her books. I read it from before the plane and on the plane and I have only 40 pages left.

I also got a piece of chocolate, 60 calories and it was like chocolate pop rocks, it sizzled and popped my mouth. I was not expecting that but welcomed the odd taste.

It feels amazing to just start and finish a book. I have a goal to at least get through two books this vacation. I even brought magazines and I didn't even open them.

Once I landed I was greeted by my Poppy, whom as you all know by now is the man of my life. I was so happy to see him waiting for me. We got my luggage, got caught up on life and stopped a service station for dinner. Not the best place, but I got a grilled chicken sandwich, some fresh fruit, side salad and fat free dressing. Turned out to be perfect!

We went to the grocery store to get some things and now I am unpacked a bit and unwinding. The busy day is catching up to me and I am going to be going to bed very shortly. The weather here is cold and there is snow. I haven't seen snow in 6 years, granted nothing much has changed in the look of it but it is cool to see.

I am attempting in the morning to get a couple of miles in, nothing crazy because the weather is taking a big shock to my system, but I am shooting for at least 2 miles. I know once I get moving I get warm, I just don't want to over do it and get myself sick. I mean it could be like 20 degrees difference for me. But I am going to attempt at least every day.

Tomorrow morning I get to see my mom and my Poppy and I will be having breakfast. It is the little things on these trips that I enjoy the very most. Just the quite downtime, the breakfasts and meals and just being in the same room with family that makes it so worth it.

I feel at such peace being back here in my Poppy's house. It seriously makes my heart whole.

And because I was feeling extra cute, I had to send a smooch face to James. On another note, the lady who did my eyebrows, did a bang up job! I feel like a new person!