Sunday, March 2, 2014

Goodbye February, Hello March

Happy New Month!!!

I love the start of a new month, its like a new year, new birthday, a start of something fresh, new and exciting. You cant start over again with a new month, or if you are ending a great one, you can carry that enthusiasm over to the new one.

February was good, very busy and held a big accomplishment for me.

I didn't have a great weigh in month, my weight went up and down the whole month, but I never gave up, I weighed in every time, so it's a victory all its own.

I got new running shoes.

I survived Valentine's Day at work and successfully.

I enjoyed chocolate. James and I went out on many date nights.

I put in 78 miles of running for the whole month.

I ran the Gasparilla Michelob Ultra Amber Challenge, 25.5 miles in 2 days, 3 races and earned 4 medals.

Oh yeah and I finished!!

Not a whole lot going on in February but it was a good month I do say so myself.

Now March...

March is one of those months were I am very up in the air about it. March brings a lot of fun for me, a lot of family, a lot of love, busy month, some relaxation, amazing weather in Florida.

My heart, my soul and favorite person in the whole world; Poppy, his birthday is this month and I get to be home with him to celebrate it.

I am going home for a whole week to be around my family and for vacation, which means running, shopping, family and lots of relaxation and feeling whole again.

But March also brings heartache for me..

It's the anniversary of my dad's death on March 13th. The main reason I am going home for vacation. I love to be home around my family during this time, it is just too hard for me to do alone.

Even though this is a big heartache for me, and I feel like every day in March I am replaying it over and over again, I am going to fight back. I am going to get stronger.

My goals for March are:

Read a little bit more, at least 2-3 books.
Run at least 100 miles this month.
Sign up for the Iron Girl Half Marathon for April
Run at least 5-6 days while on vacation
Lose at least 5 pounds
Try a new fruit or veggie
Bake or cook a new recipe
Laugh at least once a day
Smile everyday
Enjoy every moment with my family while I am home.

Goodbye February and Hello March!

What are some of your goals for March?