Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Okay first off I am writing this on April First, which is also dubbed April Fools Day, but this is far from an April Fools Joke...

This morning at 9:00 am...

I registered for....



This little gal will be running 26.2 miles on October 12 in Scranton, PA for the Steamtown Marathon.

This goal was my main sights I had in mind of this 2014 year. I knew that was was going to be the year I was going to do it. Now this is not something I have wanted to do for years or always dreamt of it. I mean when I was in high school I could barely run a mile, but this is my dream now. Things change, goals change and they change into something bigger and better.

The end of the last year after running 4 half marathons and a couple of other races, the bug got me. The marathon bug bite me. I follow a lot of running and fitness bloggers and personal on bloglovin and Instagram and most of them have fun a marathon and their success and journey inspired me.

Why Scranton PA when I live in Florida? Why would I want to run in the cold and where there are nothing but hills and cold, when I could run on flat land and heat?

A couple of reasons actually...

The only marathon that is in Florida in the upcoming months is in November. I work retail and to take some time off in November is a big no no and impossible. And I know after I need some rest.

Scranton is where I went to college and lived there for 5 years. It is a beautiful area, especially that time of year.

I love running in autumn like weather, and I don't get to do that often around here.

I will be training during the hottest months of the year here for the race, so I mean if I could do that, I can take on some hills.

A lot of my friends still live in that area so it will be like a college reunion, which I think it is also alumni weekend for Keystone, double bonus.

My family only lives 2 hours from there so they can drive down and see me cross that finish line and I think that is the biggest reason I could ever think of. The fact they will be there, makes me want to do this and finish even more.

A little fun fact on why this year just seems to make sense to do my first marathon and it ties in my dad and how he is always here with me. When my dad passed away I was 26, it has been 2 years. Soooo...26.2 means a lot to me.

When I registered today I was shaking. I couldn't believe I was going to commit to this. I was going to sign up and make it happen. James and I already have our hotel for the weekend, thanks to my awesome Aunt and a great deal. I now paid for my spot, we just have to get air fare and then it is all up to me.

I am scared out of my mind. I mean who wouldn't be. It is 26.2 miles!! I know I did Gasparilla and did 25.5 in two days and it has taken me almost a month to get back to normal from that.

But despite all the question and concerns that I might have and have in general about this experience, I am not backing down.

This is my year. This is my year to step out and get out of my comfort zone and see how and what I can accomplish and do. I was practically throwing up entering in all my information, but I couldn't be happier.

I literally jumped up and down once I got the conformation.

So here I go... I have been looking up training programs and found a pretty good one for 16 weeks. My training will start next month, which is great because I have Iron Girl in two weeks, so gives me time to rest for a bit before I begin.

It is going to hard, I know I will cry and bitch and all that. I will hurt. But I will document every emotion and feeling I will be having. This blog will have numerous marathon posts.

So welcome aboard, we will do this together!!

Here is to 26.2 miles, a new year and a new me!!!