Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 1: 3 Easy, Peasy, My Mom's Name is Weezy, 3 Miles

This morning I swear I am not sure if it was the anticipation or what, but I could not sleep. I am off from work today and I could probably sleep in if I wanted to, but with the idea and concept of starting this training, my brain could not turn off. I seriously was ready to take on the day at 5:30 this morning.

I tried to lay there for a bit, but it was not happening. So I got up and cleaned out our fridge, freezer and cabinets (we are going food shopping later). Grabbed a Special K bar to stop my stomach from growling, dressed and got ready to start this program.

On deck this morning was 3 easy miles. The program said "easy" miles meaning, I should not be pushing it, stretching it out and just running and going with it. I should be able to keep a conversation or sing if wanted. I decided on some of these smaller mileage runs, I am going to go leave my GymBoss Interval walker at home. I just went out with my phone for music and my Garmin. I ran for a good 1.5 miles before I decided to walk for a minute.

The weather is definitely starting to get a tad bit warm and for my smaller runs, I really need to find a fuel belt or something that I can carry with me also. I need to stay hydrated all the time, especially as this gains more and more mileage. I was okay this morning, but I know come a month, the weather will be nice and hot.

There was no one on our street this morning except for the guy who sells papers. It was nice and calming. I listened to my Songza App and choose 90's One Hit Wonders. It was fun and catchy and put me in a great mood.

Got the 3 miles done and now I am ready to take on the rest of my day off. James and I are going to get a Costco membership because I am sure I will be eating in bulk a lot the next couple of months. Not really the true reason, but hey it makes sense.

I am also going to take my measurements like I mentioned and because I am real, honest and raw, I will be posting the results.

But first this girl needs some breakfast and coffee!

Happy Sunday!