Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Review: OnWard! by Brook Kreder, The absolute BS raw, ridiculous, soul-stirring TRUTH about training for your FIRST MARATHON

When I was searching for marathon books, this was one of the books that came up in the search. It had just came out the end of last year. The book face alone had me hooked. I mean if that doesn't scream Angie Buy Me, I'm not sure what else would!

This lady, Brook Kreder, ran her first marathon last year and blogged every day of it. The easy days, the bad days, the really great days and her thoughts and emotions through the whole training process. Everyone tells me that training for a marathon is what is going to change my life. This book was so real that I felt anxious when she had tough days, happy when she had the first long mileage days and emotional when she was feeling emotional. I read the book in 24 hours alone. Besides it being just her whole recount, she had some great tips and tricks and information to go along with it.

She trained in Denver, during the winter, in really bad weather and how she adjusted to it. I will  be training in Florida, during our really hot weather, I felt a lot of connections to her. She has a Facebook page and a website and blog. I am all about finding more about her and using her motivation to help me along.

I highly recommend this book and Brook herself. Even if you have ran a bunch of marathons or training for a your first one like myself, pick up this book. 

It will get you loving running again or love running even more!