Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weight Watchers Smoothie Pancakes

I am a big fan of breakfast. And usually every morning, I wake up with my stomach growling and I am in need of a quick fix to settle the noise. While, I am trying to stay away from cereal because I find it doesn't fill me up as well as other breakfast items, I sometimes stand in my kitchen with no idea what to make, prolonging my stomach from getting the fix it needs.

Okay, wow, I was a little over dramatic with that sentence and holy run on with that also. So short and sweet, I get in a breakfast slump. This is why I love Instagram and blogs, Pinterest, basically anything social media, etc because I can search and find some inspiration.

When looking for breakfast, I love quick and easy, hence why I went on an overnight oats splurge for about a month awhile back.

Hmmm..I should really get back to that.

God, I am all over the place today.

SOooooo..back to my breakfast. I follow on Instagram and Bloglovin, Brooke:Not On A Diet, check her out at

She is such an inspiration to me in the Weight Watchers world. She has lost over 100 pounds following the program and now a WW leader. She is down to earth and a pretty awesome lady. She posted a couple of weeks ago about Smoothie Pancakes.

Get this made with 2 items!


The recipe calls for 1 WW smoothie packet and 1/3 cup of eggs whites. Mix together and then make into pancakes. It makes a pretty big pancake or I am sure you can make it into several mini ones. Take any smoothie packet mix to create an endless supply of decisions and flavors.

I remembered this recipe this morning and went to town with it. I was happy I had some smoothie mix laying around too.

Greek Yogurt and Honey Smoothie Packet for 2pp and 1/3 cup of All Whites Egg Whites for 1pp. I mixed in a bowl until smooth and then sprayed a pan with PAM and turned on Medium Heat. 

Disclaimer, I am the worst when it comes to flipping pancakes, but this morning I was determined.

Woohoo, finally a decent looking pancake!

Also note, the pancake will not have a cake like texture. It will have a fluffy egg white texture. But tastes just like a pancake. Surprisingly delicious! The smoothie packets are sold at WW locations and go for about 7.50 a box, with 5 packets in a box. I find that to be a bit expensive, so I wait for them to go on sale and then stock up. Now that I can make these with them, I will be doing this more often. Especially with the flavors such as, chocolate, vanilla, and coconut.

I paired my pancake with some sugar free syrup, heated up frozen blueberries, a Trader Joe's Mango Greek Yogurt and my coffee.

My whole meal came to 6pp and it was filling and the pancake can be qualified as simply filling since they are both a power food. WIN!

This is now one of my go to, fun, quick and different breakfast options.

So what is your favorite "new" breakfast meals??