Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jeff Galloway Marathon Training Book

The other morning before I went for my 10 mile, I went online and looked up some marathon books I could get to help learn and gain some great tips and tricks from. I found a bunch on Amazon and ended up ordering two from Amazon and one from Barnes and Nobles because I had a gift card.

Right now with my half marathon training program has been followed loosely by the Jeff Galloway method, in the fact I use his run/walk intervals. I run for 6:00 and walk a 1:00, which really works great for me. Because of this method, I run faster, stronger and have not suffered an injury in my training or at a half marathon.  I have no shame walking during a race because in the last miles, when every one is feeling tired, I am feeling stronger and can finish strong and feel amazing afterwards.

In most posts on Pinterest and articles I have read, everyone has stated you must follow a training program with a full marathon. Besides the run/walk method I don't have much of a schedule with running, I get one long run in a week and a couple small ones and sometimes 2-3 rest days. Just this past two weeks, have I done some strength in my core training.

But a marathon is a whole other ball game. I need a training plan and I need something to keep me going and hold me accountable. Just like with Weight Watchers when I have a plan in place, I succeed. So I looked up a Jeff Galloway book on Marathon running and there it was...

Exactly the book I was looking for. The book tells you about marathon running, his training programs, what to eat, motivation, inspiration, etc. This book will be my bible for the next couple of months. He has an about 6 month training program. I am about half way through the book and have learned so much already. 

One thing I know for sure, it will be tough, time consuming but what I have read, it will without a doubt change my life. I will be doing one long run a week until 10 mile and then every other week, and then at least one really long run every 3 week. The training program seems great and will work with my work schedule and I will still be able to have a social life. Once I finish the book I will do a review on the book and post my training schedule and other great tips I will be learning.

I also order Marathon Training for Dummies and a book called Onward which is about a blogger who ran her first marathon and documented the whole journey, especially the ugly, which I need. Reading these books really motivate me. 

Thanks for being apart of the journey, even though it has just begun.