Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why the Iron Girl series means so much to me

I love this feeling. I love the anticipation and the drive with knowing I am going to do another half marathon. I love the prep and the organization I get into.

The Iron Girl series really holds a dear place in my heart. 3 years ago, when all I was really doing was Weight Watchers and some walking, nothing drastic, but I was just losing weight and I know I wanted to do something else too. I wanted to branch out but I was scared for sure.

My boss and I were working an event and she mentioned she was going to be running the Iron Girl 5k with that April with her daughter. I was intrigued and another co-worker of mine said she was going to sign up also. So we got a couple more co-workers and we all signed up together.

I had no idea what I was doing. I really didn't even have any work out clothes or know where to begin. I looked up the Couch to 5k plan and just went with it. The first time I ran outside I was terrified. We live right off a busy street and I didn't want people to stop and stare at me. But I don't know what changed and I just didn't care anymore and just went with it. I would set a marker and I would run to that and then do another one and run another, so on and so forth.

I didn't run a lot. I walked a bunch but I figured if I could ride 3 plus miles on a stationary bike, which what I was doing more of, I figured I could run the miles. My plan going into the  5k was to run half and then walk the rest. I had no clue, I mean no clue what I was doing or what to expect. All I had was an arm band and my Ipod.

Day of the event I got out a cute outfit, pinned my bib to the front of me and just went with it. My co-worker and I stayed together and just ran what we could and then walked and then ran, but we finished. I think I ended with almost 38-40 minutes, but I felt like I was on cloud 9!!! I mean seriously I was beaming. I cried at the end, I was so happy.

James surprised me at the end when I finished and I couldn't believe I had just done a 5k. I mean I never, ever thought I would do anything like that in my whole life. And from that moment on, I was hooked. Then it all began after that moment and that day. I felt so accomplished and felt like nothing could get me down. I was beat and sore the next day, but I LOVED that feeling.

On that day I became a runner...

I wasn't fast, I wasn't in shape, I was breathing heavy and walked more and was all kinds of crazy, but I was trying my hardest and have been ever since.

After running my first Half Marathon with Rock and Roll, I knew I was going to run the Iron Girl Half last year to make it come full circle. And I did and it is one of my favorite races. It is super hard and it is hotter than the others that I run, but I get such a feeling after this one, it is something I can not explain.

Last year, heading to the finish!

Tonight, I ran a nice easy 3.31 miles and my friend Jacke picked up my race bib and shirt for me.

I am ready to go and cant wait until Sunday to cross that line 3 years later, stronger, faster and still trying my damnedest!