Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

Well considering my big, big news yesterday of signing up for my first Marathon, I forgot to write about my weekly weigh in. Not too much to really write about. I had a successful week, I drank a lot of water again, ran about 17 miles in the week, started some new work outs with my toning ball. I did limit to eating out only twice and I made some really good choices.

I have been feeling much better also. My skin is clearing up and my body feels lighter. I can see some changes in my body too, my thighs are starting to form, thank god. While I thought I was going to have a huge weight loss, I only lost .8.

But hey, .8 is .8!!

I will take this almost one pound.

Not giving up, this is lifestyle change and ongoing process and I am ready to take it one step and one pound at a time.

Secretly I am hoping for a nice big loss next week!!