Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds Favorites

So I haven't done one of these posts in quite some time. I see a lot of these posts from other bloggers I follow and I love when they post something like this, so here I go with some food items, etc, I am loving lately.

These are a great find!! They come in a 6 pack and only 110 calories and 3pp. These have been perfect for a quick pick me and chocolate fix. 

I have a big obsession with anything and everything that is trail mix related. I found this one at Target and it is DELICIOUS. Almonds, cinnamon raisins & apples, walnuts and yogurt flavored pieces. I can not stop eating this trail mix. Target has the best trail mixes and usually have a new one each month, I think I go there each time just to find a new one.

I love Cherries and Frozen ones go along ways. I thaw these, add them to smoothies, shakes, on top of pudding or yogurt, or just eat them frozen. When they are frozen, it takes longer to enjoy ;0)

THESE ARE AMAZING!!! You can find these only at Weight Watchers meetings, but if you attend a meeting and apart of WW, do yourself a favor and pick these up. They have coconut, mango and pineapple pieces and it is a perfect pairing to a yogurt, lunch, dessert or anytime snack.

I love finding new flavors of Almonds and Blue Diamond is my favorite brand. These are addicting and the newest flavor. The vanilla taste is light, but just enough and goes great with the Honey Roasted flavor.

I can not wait to find these in the store. I love the Skinnygirl brand and all of her margaritas, wine, vodka, etc. These look super delish.

I am obsessed with this color! Plus I love the fact that it is light weight and will be great for running in the summer. I normally don't like tank tops because I don't like showing off my arms, but I cant resist the colors or the fact that it was on clearance for 15.97! Score!!

My Easter favorites!!! Every Easter I have to enjoy a little candy, as long as in moderation, but I only get what I really want. I also got some for James of course too. The Cadbury Creme Egg is my all time favorite.

If you know me, I love all kinds of nuts and trail mixes, I am a huge snack person. And I love ones that portion controlled like these, that way I can control myself.

Enjoy! I have a lot of other items I am really loving lately, will make sure to post more soon.