Thursday, April 17, 2014

Date Night Week

I have been so lucky this week to share two of my days off with James the whole day. We work opposite schedules at times and days off, but this week it worked out perfect for us. On Monday, we did a lot of stuff with my car and then went over to Gulfport for some lunch. It was an awesome day off. We never go over to Gulfport, even though it is literally 15 minutes away, but on Monday's all the shops are closed lol. It is a cute little town, that has some really nice restaurants and bars and shops. They have a small beach, but it is a perfect size. Plus, the town is quite and safe, which is now going to be a great new place for me to run.

We ate at O'Maddys for lunch and it was perfect. I did take pictures, but they didn't upload to my computer. We enjoyed a little happy hour, James got a Corina Light and I had a margarita on the rocks. We order a starter which was smoked fish spread and then I got a wrap and James got there famous Roast Beef Sandwich.

Monday was great and it was nice to enjoy the outdoors for a bit with each other.

Yesterday, we had a date night. We were meeting James's dad and his girlfriend for dinner at the Hangar, downtown St. Pete. We love it there, we have eaten there multiple times and always a great experience.

James loves to photo bomb my pictures, he has a great way of doing them lol.

We went downtown a little earlier so we could take advantage of some happy hour. I am not a big drinker at all. I did all that during College, but I can be very uptight and need to unwind a bit. I always think if I drink a lot I am going to gain back all that weight I had once had. But I have to remember, if I have a bad night, make the next day really good. So that's what I did last night, I took in all the atmosphere and environment and enjoyed myself for once.

I even order a hamburger because they are famous for them and they were only 5.00!!! I mean who could pass that up. I had a couple of glasses of wine and when we got home I did splurge a bunch on sweet and salty snacks. I mean a lot. My period kicked in and because of the wine, I was snacky. But today is a new day and I had such a great time with James last night, it makes it so worth it.

We spend every day together but to go out and just hang out and enjoy the day together is rare. We share different interests at times, I love to run and he golfs. I would be fine at just the beach all day and he likes to be in a bar watching a sporting event. But when we can have moments and days like these when it all ties in together, well it is almost perfect. 

We are trying to do more of this and more often.

How do you and your loved one spend a date night or date day???