Saturday, April 26, 2014

And So It Begins....

Tomorrow starts my marathon journey.

Tomorrow is Day One.

Tomorrow with one single step, I am truly changing my life.

I know it seems crazy to get emotional or all worked up with the idea, I mean it is only training, I am not running the marathon for another 5 months, but the training is a HUGE deal.

This training determines if I can really do this. I must stay commited and dedicated and working this through.

The last month and the last few weeks, I have been really slacking with my running and exercising in general. But I am rested and mind is on constant thoughts of the marathon. I am living and breathing the idea and concept of running for 26.2 miles.

I am scared, nervous and have a ton emotions. I am nervous of getting in all the workouts and routines in. I am nervous for my fueling and refueling. I am nervous for how I am going to feel and how my life will truly change for these next couple of months. 

I am sure my boyfriend and family and everyone will be sick and tired of hearing me talk about the marathon by the time the marathon comes around.

But you know what...


I am running this marathon and starting this training for ME. I am doing this for ME. To say I have run a marathon and seriously to give myself a routine, some discipline and control something in my life. I feel my life can get sort of out of control and I can control a lot, but this, this success I can control.

All of this is based on me.

I know I am a strong person. I have dealt with a crap load of stuff in my life, but this, I know this is testing my strength and I want to see how truly far I can go.

Tonight I am going to have James take my measurements and I will snap a picture of myself before hand. I will be continuing with Weight Watchers and following my points program. While I know I will have to adjust as the long runs increase, so I will be eating my activity points a lot to help build what I am taking off. I am constently researching and finding ways to improve my nutrition during this process.

I will have my cheat days for sure, at least one a week, but nothing crazy. I am still going to be Angie, but I know I am going to changing into a deeper Angie.

So with tomrrow being Day One, I figure this will be my outlet to express this training progress. Inspired by the book Onward! and blogger Brook Kedres, I will be blogging my way through the whole process because I want to be able to look back on this and see how it all came about. I always want to look back on this experience.

I am going to continue to blog about my every day life, post as many reciepes and great finds I can find and what I have been doing, but at least one post a day will be about the marathon. You can also find it in the Journey to 26.2 tab. 

I hope you want to stick around and join me on this "sole" searching journey.