Friday, April 25, 2014

Vision Board

I am a very visual person, I need to see results to produce results. I love seeing charts, a to-do list, I need a constant reminder at all times to keep myself accountable. It is just how
I groove and vibe.

I decided to take my training program from my Marathon book and put it to paper. Actually a white board and then hung it in our little office area. That way I can see it every day. I will know what to do every day. I can add notes to the board and cross off and see how far I am going and how far I have to go.

This board is week 1-week 16 and then I have to do a second board for week 17-marathon. I love this visual. I added some motivation to keep me going and keep me inspired.

I LOVE THIS!!! Every day I look at this I am beaming. I can not believe I am about to do this! Do you see the day with 15 and 17 miles!!! Ahhhh!!  I know I will be stronger by then for sure!

Here we go!!!