Thursday, April 3, 2014

Iron Girl Half Bridge Training

Living in Florida is hard on a runner. I mean really hard at times. The weather is unpredictable and most of the time you want to get up way too early, not to beat crowds or anything just to beat the heat. Because sometimes before even 7:00 am it can get up to 90 degrees. Not right now, but within a month, for sure! Despite the heat, getting up early to run is a great way to get it out of the way and just enjoy the whole rest of your day. Today, my friend Jacke and I did that same thing.

I got up around 5:15 because we were heading over to Clearwater to run some of the course for the Iron Girl half, which is in 10 days.

I LOVE this tank from Old Navy!! I got it super cheap, it has a side tie and it is very light weight and comfortable. My pants were very light weight also, so I wasn't hot, even when the sun started to come up. I am still working on my body image, but I am getting there, wearing a tank top is a big deal for me.

I ran the Iron Girl Half last year, so I know all about the horrible bridges we have to go over, but Jacke hasn't, so it was perfect training opportunity. I haven't ran hills or bridges in almost a year, so I was excited to get this kind of training in this morning, so we weren't left to surprise on the 13th. Florida is pretty much all flat land, so something like this may not seem a huge deal to most but to use, its pretty big.

That's the first one we run over, then we run over a second one. Then loop around after some mileage and run back over them again. I come back over this one again at around mile 12.5. Just plain evil, but worth it. What doesn't kill you, makes your stronger.

Before we headed out on our run, we of course had to take a selfie..

Jacke has been my running partner is practically day one. She really taught me a whole lot and introduced me to the Jeff Galloway method of run/walking. Without her help I never would be the runner I am now. We each do different run/walks. I am 6:00/1:00 and she is 2:50/1:00. She hasn't ran a half marathon in more than a year, so Iron Girl is really special to her. Even though we wont run the whole thing together, we start off together and I will be waiting for her at the finish line. She is so dedicated to running and is just a great positive light in my life. We may not run the same pace, but it doesn't matter, we are there supporting each other.

The run was gorgeous. Clearwater Beach is such a beautiful place to run. It was quite in the beginning and then within an hour of the run, everyone was coming out and being active. I swear it is so motivating living in Florida. I can never imagine taking my runs on a treadmill, running outside, even in the heat, makes it so worth it.

The bridges were tough for sure. But we did it. I walked maybe 35 seconds more when I got to them, but pushed through. I find them to be a great tool and this course and route I will be using for my training in my marathon, so I can get practice on hills.

I finished the 10 miles in under 2 hours, which is great for me, considering we had to stop at a crosswalk and the 4 bridges and I filmed a video at one point and of course posted to Instagram. I don't take my running too serious. I am out there not for the pace or time or the logistics. I am out there to feel free, clear my head and get the mileage in. I am out there to become a better version of me.

And with this smiling happy face, I am really liking this version of me.

After the 10 miles, we of course we starved, so we went to breakfast. We both order Greek Egg white omelets with tomatoes and feta cheese, home fries and whole wheat toast and of course some coffee. It was perfect. I should of taken a picture but I was starving and just wanted to dive in.

The rest of my day has been just a little bit of here and there, nothing huge. Another really nice day off. I have some products, recipes and such I am working on soon, so stay posted.

Hope you had an awesome Thursday!