Wednesday, July 2, 2014

12 hours of sleep, bike and liquid greens

I was exhausted last night! Believe it or not my vacation took everything out of me haha! Just trying to get back in a routine and I was just tired. I was up early and ran and then had a corporate visit which went great!! Really really good!!

So I guess from the stress being gone and a full belly from awesome BBQ, I was just tired. I didn't want to go to bed too early, so I painted my nails... 

Epic fail! I suck at painting my nails haha! I tried to get creative and it didn't work, just a hot mess!

I called it a night at 10 and slept until 10 this morning!! 12 hours! Thank goodness I close tonight and on my days off this weekend, when I can sleep in, I probably won't :0)

But sleeping 12 hours felt really good! I feel refreshed. Sleeping for me is really easy, I love it but James is the worst. He stays up really late, he snores, needs the tv on and moves all over, which makes me not have solid sleep. It is a constant battle between us and always has been. My plan of attack is just exhausting myself and it kind of works. I have been sleeping great lately! 

I got up quickly and raced over to the gym so I could get my XT day in..

30 minutes on the bike, stretching out my calves. There was a guy next to me on a eliptical and he was so nosy! Making grunts and panting. He was getting his work out on but it was distracting. So after I went for a 15 minute walk, actually doing it now, equally a mile. It is so hot and humid and I'm dripping in sweat but I'm in my own thoughts and I love that. 

I saw this drink at Publix the other day 
3pp for the whole bottle. I am not a fan of drinking my points but it was premade and no mess for me. I liked it a lot. It was a strong taste at first but I got used to it and enjoyed the taste. They had other flavors but this one was less points and calories. The bottle is so cute also. Has motivational quotes and sayings and explaining all the fruits and veggies in it. 

Being I gained last week, I need more water and fruits and veggies. I need it to get me back on track and for clearing my skin too, I'm breakinf out around my chin again. 

So going back to basics! I'll enjoy a couple of drinks on Friday for the 4th but that is it, a clean refresh! 

Taking this hump day by storm!! 

Have a great day!!