Sunday, July 6, 2014

Journey to 26.2, Week 11 Began with a Half Marathon

I am now on to week 11 and this is where the fun starts to began.

Today was planned for 13 miles.  13 miles I am used to, I have been training up for that for over a year now, running 6 half marathons in that time frame and probably at least 6 training runs with that. But each time I complete that mileage it still gets me. It still amazes me that I could go that far and still love it.

Then reality sets in and I realize, I have to do that times 2 in one day. So training is very important because like today, I did not want to turn around and go back for that mileage again. I got up at 4:30 and laid in bed for about 15 minutes, wishing I could just sleep for like 6 more hours. But I got out, got dressed, which I had all laid out in front of me and toasted two waffles with reduced fat peanut butter and headed out.

I had about a 40 minute drive ahead of me to the route I wanted to go, so I ate the waffles on the way which was a great idea. I used my fuel belt to hold the 4 bottles of water and my GU and Shot blocks. It was still dark when I got to Clearwater but it wasn't that hot and humid which I was happy it would make a good run. Then in the distance thunder and cracks of lightening. Pretty scary, but there was no way I was going to turn around. I would suck it up. The whole time it did that but didn't rain once.

I tried to remember the course as best as I could and ended up not going out far enough. On this route you have to cross 2 bridges, once over and once back on both of them. It sucks a lot and its hard and its hot and I was running in brand new shoes. Probably not the best idea but I wanted to break them in. James even suggested I did some short runs before, but I am stubborn. My poor feet...but it wasn't too bad, not like at Gasparilla where I could barely walk.

The bridges weren't horrible but not fun at all, especially because I didn't go far enough out so on the way back, I had to do the last one 2x, making it going over the bridges 6x. My legs and hips are PISSED. It was a slow half for me, I did the 2:30/:30, which I can really feel a difference, if it wasn't so hot, I would see my pace really picking up. I have to get out of my own mind too at times. I know in October it will be much cooler so that will make a huge difference. And I have to remember going slow is okay, I am not pacing, I just want the mileage and finish. I can pace after the marathon.

Before my run, I ate some Sharkies..

I LOVE THESE. They are hard to find and they were on clearance at Sports Authority awhile back but I am getting low so I need to stock up again.

During my run I did bring some fuel with me because the heat makes me sweat so bad and I am a salty sweater and I need fuel anyway. Does the heat make anyone else more hungry??

At mile 5 I tried GU again. I haven't done it in a long time because I had a bad one once that made me throw up, but this Salty Watermelon sounded too good to be true. It was good, I gulped it done quickly with some water, needed that water to get it done, I will train with them because they are easy and quick. But this flavor only, anything more makes me gag.

It has electrolytes which helped me a lot. Then at mile 9, I fueled with my favorite Margarita Shot Blocks..

With the hills and heat, cramping happens and this really works, but WATER is necessary for sure. I had to stop twice today, even with my four bottles, once to pee and re-fill up a bottle and then again at mile 10, to re-fill twice and get a drink. The water was warm and tasted gross, but I needed it at that moment.

In the end the run was great. I wasn't injured and got the mileage in. And each long run after this is all new and that really excites me. It scares me to death but it excites me also. I was beat after the run, the heat, hills and being up early, that I took a two hour nap today. Thankfully, all these long runs will happen on my days off, I just have to make sure to not schedule any other plans. I did get my social media stuff done and attacked half of the laundry.

It was a great beginning to Week 11! Hope everyone had a great Sunday and long weekend. Back to reality tomorrow!