Sunday, July 27, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Week 14 begins with 8 miles

Happy Sunday Morning!!

Happy week 14 of training for me and happy whatever week of training you might be embarking on!!

Started my day the best way possible! Running before the sun rise with a new and amazing friend, Nanci and then enjoying an iced coffee after with even better conversation!

Nanci and I set up our run right after we ran two weeks ago. She came to St. Pete this morning and we met downtown around 5:15 am. Yes, it's early but we wanted to cover 8 miles and do it before it got really hot. Don't get me wrong today was not a cool day. It was hot and humid and sticky, just all around yuck.

But we were out there tackling those miles. 8 miles came so quickly when we were talking the whole time. Seriously we have just met two weeks ago in person, but I feel like I have known here forever. It is awesome. We share tons of similarities and already talk about anything and everything. I can't wait for another run date again. And hopefully we can set it up with more of our runner gals!

Having a running community and support system is amazing and makes a HUGE difference. No one knows runners like runners do and I will make to surround myself with them more often.

How can you not see that and love it??!!

It makes the early mornings and heat and miserable humidity all worth it.

Duh of course we have to take a selfie!!

A little Dr. Seuss reference for ya and so how I feel about the run this morning and to everyone who runs in the summer. It really is fun for me.

Now that my run is out of the way and the rest of my day is up in the air. A nap though is of course penciled in!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!!