Saturday, July 5, 2014

Low calorie and Low point "margarita/daiquiri"

Now I know we have all seen the commericals where Bud Light Lime advertises the "Rita's" I am a fan of the lime one and we had gotten the variety pack at Costco awhile back. I like them all okay but the Strawberry and Lime are my favorite, and they are low in points, especially the strawberry.

Before going to see fireworks last night I wanted to have a little refreshing drink to kick off the night and cheers to the holiday. 

So I took one can of the Straw-ber-rita

I put in a blender the can, some frozen strawberries, 2 pieces of frozen mango and some ice. I also had some Jordan's skinny margarita mix and added that to it!

Then icey purée that bad boy..

It was delicious!!!!! 

It was cool, refreshing and perfect after a long week, cheers to the 4th and a weekend off. I will be enjoying this quite often this summer just because. You can do it with any of the cans but this one had the lowest stats.