Friday, July 11, 2014

Favorites I am on the look for and Journey Day 82

IOkay so it's Friday!! Woot woot! I have to work all weekend and I really don't have an official day off until my birthday next Friday! 

Yup my last week 28. I can't believe it. 28. Has been a really great year for me, it's hard to believe it will be over in a week. 

Like I mentioned I have a long week coming up and really trying to stay on track with everything. My sleep was way off last night. I have been sleeping amazing lately but last night was the pits. I was moving around a lot too and then at 4-5 I was wide awake and hungry. Oh and I was peeing every hour it felt like.

Least I know it is working. I am really pushing for a good lost this week. I just wanna get back down, so I am not going to let the stress of the week get me down. I am tracking everything!  

So today is a XT or walk day and  I'm outside getting a walk on. 2 miles, 40 minutes. Being outside gives me a better sweat for sure. Then a closing shift.

I was on Instagram and saw some products I am on the look out for...

Oh margaritas have my heart and she said it was only 4pp! I am all about that!!

I bet they would be great frozen! Also on the look out for the watermelon flavor too!

Yum! I could stuff a lot of goodies in those for sure.

These look like an awesome sweet tooth craving!

Also if you have Instagram, follow these ladies, they are awesome and have great tips and tricks too!

And I'll leave you with my moto for a happy Friday..