Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recovery Day and Weekly Weigh In

Happy Wednesday and. Weekly weigh in over here!!

Well after those awesome 15 miles I woke up very tired and exhausted. Not that sore but sore enough and my arms from the chaffing were pretty bad. So since I was feeling very drained, I took today as a nice, recover day, also rest day. 

Saturday's are more my rest day but with these long mileages coming up a rest day before and recover day after will be best for me but I'll play it by here, but today I really wanted it.
I had to work today all day and then weigh in right after. To my delight I stayed the same, wish it was a lost but stay the same is just as great!! It means I am doing something right. Drinking my 100 plus ounces of water and eating my extra points and activity points when needed has done wonders. I am moving in the right direction. 

I am staying the course and including more and more protein when I can. So let's hope next week, it drops more 😄!

Have a great Wednesday!